Friday, February 24, 2017

Doctor Who!

So... My siblings and I recently finished watching the Doctor Who (NuWho) episode The Time of the DoctorUm... My eyes hurt from all the crying I've been doing, I am NOT joking. My sister was practically laughing at me, but I know that she would have been crying too if she had been watching the episode alone, so she should not judge!

Yes, after so many years of judging HEARING about Doctor Who via Pinterest and Tumblr posts and all things Internet, I have finally started watching it with my siblings! And we LOVE IT!

Ok, this is something I have to get out of the way super quickly: due to regional problems, my siblings and I were forced to start watching Doctor Who starting from Series Five (where the Eleventh Doctor era begins). Now, before you started screaming about the crime of skipping the Ninth and Tenth Doctor, let me continue explaining: in Malaysia, where we live, Netflix only has Series Five up to Series Eight. So we had no choice but to start from Series Five.
My Doctor Who expert friend was absolutely aghast when I told him about this. Don't worry though, we're planning to fix our VPN so we can watch the first four seasons of the show, AFTER we finish the era of the Eleventh Doctor. Which we have. SO OFF TO THE NINTH DOCTOR WE GO!

Anyway, even though we started out watching the Doctor Who rather late into the show, we found the series to be surprisingly easy to follow. Sure, there were some references and continuity notes we probably missed (though my sister probably knows about them because she looks up spoilers on the wiki), but I found it rather easy to follow. Especially considering the fact that I started a bit later than the rest of my family - they watched the first two episodes of Series Five WITHOUT ME.

My siblings gave me the super short version of what had been happening in the first two episodes: Doctor crashes TARDIS in the backyard of a little girl, promises to come back for her in five minutes, overshoots his goal by twelve years, brings the now grown-up girl (Amy Pond) with him on his adventures on the night before her wedding, bla bla bla, something about Prisoner Zero. Oh yeah, and there's a Crack in a Wall that keeps on showing up.

I. LOVE. WATCHING. THIS. SHOW! Oh my word! The stories are super fun, super exciting, and often kinda freaky; the over-arching stories are incredibly intriguing; AND THE FEELS ARE OH SO REAL. And the characters, OH MY WORD THE CHARACTERS!!!

I'll be honest, I was kind of afraid of going back and watching Nine and Ten because I had gotten so attached to the characters during the Eleventh Doctor era. The Eleventh Doctor is such a charming, all around goofy and fun character with a devastating dark side, and I love him! His random non sequitur-ish lines are hilarious, as is his basic misunderstanding of certain aspects of human culture. He's very, very easy to empathize with (or maybe that's just me and my general over-emotionality), and thus is a large part of the reason why I have a growing list of 'Doctor Who Episodes that I Cried At'. Whenever his darker side is revealed, it never fails to give me chills while making my heart clench at the same time. On a brighter note, his childishness never fails to make me smile like an idiot, and I love his relationship with Amy and Rory.

Amy and Rory... Oh my word, I love these character so freakin' much and I don't think I'll ever be able to recover from the intense grief I felt when they left. I loved the familial dynamic they had with the Doctor AND I LOVED THEIR RELATIONSHIP! OH MY WORD! I'm not a very shippy person - my ship list has only seven pairings or less on it - but I've never felt more giddy about a relationship since, I dunno, Nate and Elena from Uncharted. Honestly, I could go on forever on how much I love Amy and Rory and exactly why I love them and how much I loved watching their characters and relationship develop, but that would take quite awhile, so...

[chooses screencap from an episode I haven't seen yet because I'm too lazy to do otherwise]
River Song was awesome, but honestly, if you want to hear some real gushing about River Song, you should turn to my sister. She LOVES River and as labeled her as one of her most favourite characters in anything ever (a position that has only been held by Prowl from Transformers up until now). Seriously though, I love River. She is a fascinating character, and I find her story so SAD. I know what's coming by the time we start watching the Tenth Doctor (thanks, Internet) and it hurts me.

Anyhoo, this post is almost six months overdue. In fact, by the time I actually finished writing it, we already finished watching Nine and Ten. So... prepare for some posts about that - I have plans to make posts about what Doctor Who episodes made me cry and why they made me cry. So that'll be fun. (Assuming I ever get around to them).