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Robots in Disguise Season 3?

Ok, so in my last two Robots in Disguise posts, I kept on referring to the Season Two finale as the series finale (I also clearly couldn't decide between numeral 2 and the word 'two'). There is a valid reason for that.

Before season one aired, it was said that the creators were planning for Robots in Disguise to go on for three seasons, with 26 episodes in each season. However, around early October last year (about three weeks after the season one finale aired it was announced that the show was planned for 45 episodes in total. This meant that, with 26 episodes already aired for season one, we would only get another 19 episodes in the second season. With the prospect of there being a third season seemingly forgotten, the possibility of there being a third season was dim. [source]

The possibility of there being a third season pretty much turned into a straight up 'no' around January this year, when the air date for season two was released: "This show—which has been commissioned for two full series and a movie—originally aired on Cartoon Network in March 2015. The second series will air in March 2016." [source]

As a little disheartening this was, I kind of understood. Toy sales and ratings probably weren't going great. Also, there seemed to be some serious issues with when the US aired the episodes vs. when everybody else aired the episodes, bla bla bla bla bla, the point is, the show wasn't doing great. And fact that season two also counted as the series finale was not the only disappointment: instead of 19 episodes, season two was only gonna consist of 13.

While all of these components may have biased my view on season two, it certainly felt like the show was trying frantically to build up a story that they could wrap up easily. Almost every episode added a new element to the plot line, with the exception of the very few Away Team episodes. This wasn't really to the show's advantage, as the buildup felt very rushed and left little to no time for fleshing out certain characters (like Glowstrike and Scorponok). But then, the show was being cancled, so I understood why they were doing this, even if I was disappointed about it.

As a side note, I have a theory that the missing six episodes were supposed to feature the Away Team. Because, good gosh, while the Homebase Team (as I call them) appeared in 11 out of 13 episodes, 7 of which focused on them, the Away Team only appeared in a grand total of 6 episodes out of 13, only 2 of which focused exclusively on them. As a result, I was kind of left feeling like a large chunk of the story was missing. I'm almost certain that had season three consisted of the original 19 episodes, instead of 13, the extra 6 episodes would have focused on the Away Team. But again, the show was being cancled, so the writers needed to put all their time into producing episodes that would build on the overarching story, and since the whole plot came into fruition nearby homebase, the Away Team became pretty much irrelevant.

This is too bad, because the Away Team roster was a rather interesting combination of characters, and I would have liked to see them work out their team dynamic. And I can't shake the feeling that we were supposed to see a lot more of the Away Team. Sideswipe undermining Optimus in episodes Overloaded part 1 and 2? I'm pretty sure that that was supposed to be a small arc. An arc that shall now remain unresolved, unless it was resolved off-screen, which is more than likely. Like I said before, I'm pretty sure that the missing six episodes of season two were supposed to feature the Away Team.

Anyway, back on track. Season two ended climactically, and, surprisingly, it both added and left unresolved a few plot threads. Optimus Prime is returning to Cybertron with Windblade, Ratchet, and a huge haul of Decepticon prisoners (including Steeljaw), with the intention of investigating Cybertron's new government. There are still plenty of Decepticons left on Earth, and so the Bee Team certainly isn't going to be leaving Earth anytime soon. Bumblebee even says that he's going to set up a permanent base on Earth! And finally, I can't shake the feeling that the writers are not finished with Steeljaw yet.

Unfortunately, with only a movie special to look forward to, one can't help but wonder if we can really condense the resolvement of all these plot threads into an hour (or more). Personally, I say you can't. Unless you're an amazing writer, I don't know how you can resolve all of these plot threads within an hour (or more) without the whole thing being terribly rushed. (But then again, I'm not a professional writer, so)…

However, fairly recently, there has been what seems to be confirmation of a THIRD SEASON of Robots in Disguise. In an interview at 2016's BotCon, a pair guys from Hasbro (I think they design the toys or something) kind of confirmed that a third season is planned to be released this autumn.

[WARNING: This transcript was written by ear, so expect some inaccuracy]
Interviewer: "So, we've noticed with the Robots in Disguise line - the Warrior Class toys, the Deluxe equivalents - the designs have gotten a lot more… not super complex, of course, but they've gotten… they've settled in more, I guess I'll say. The ones now are noticeably better. Has- is, like, going back and doing new versions of some of the core show characters anything that's on your radar?"
Ben Montano: "I mean always… I don't- we wouldn't like go back and say, 'Well we didn't do it well the first time, let's do it better this time.' There's always an intention, and when we design a character and [???] create the steps and the conversion, I think so many of it depends on are we really trying to nail the robot mode, or trying to nail the vehicle mode, or what is the story of this character, that really can architects how that character is converting. I mean, yeah, if there's a chance to go back and redo a Sideswipe or Bumblebee, we're gonna do it for a reason - the story that you'd get in the next season. A big part for us is, this is an opportunity for us to bring more characters to life in our idea, and that is probably more so our focus right now, is to bring to life more of the Autobots you see and more of the Decepticons."
Interviewer: "So you said 'the next season'. Does that mean that we are getting a third season of the show?"
Ben Montano: "I'm saying as we go f- So, like, in this fall, right? So we haven't- we had lot of episodes that you haven't seen. Season two, right? So, you'll see a lot of newness this fall, and that- as we actually call it season three. So season two is this spring, season three is this fall. So you'll see a lot more of the ongoing, and more characters. And you'll see them on the shelf."

They still have more toys to advertise! Seriously though, I got super excited about this. Not so much about the toys - I'm not really a consumer, though I am looking forward to buying a Warrior Class toy - but I am SUPER excited about the prospect of a third season. Coming out THIS AUTUMN no less!

There is something Montano said that I'm curious about. He said that there were plenty of episodes we haven't seen in season two, which kind of confirms my theory about the 6 missing episodes. Maybe, possibly? Anyway, I'm unsure what he means when he says that they 'actually call it season three'. Does he mean that season three will consist of episodes that were missing from season two? Seeing as we all ready wrapped up season two with a slightly wonky bow, that makes little to no sense.

But I'm really not trying to think too hard about this right now, because we're actually going to get a season three!! I'm so happy! *checks watch* And I need to wrap this post up. Sorry about the very (VERY) abrupt finish, but I want to get this post published before I forget about it completely. I hope that you guys aren't too annoyed by my constant Robots in Disguise posts, especially considering the fact that they are disorganized and clumsily written… But, I'm not sure if anyone reads these posts anyway, and I just enjoy posting what I'm passionate about.
Stay tuned! I will either post something different for once, or I will talk about what I'm hoping for season three! With luck, it'll be the former. 'Til all are one!

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