Friday, March 18, 2016

T4YP update

So, I got a callback for T4YP, which is absolutely awesome. I was told to be at KLPac Sunday 6th in the evening. When I got there, however, I was one person among about twenty-eight. The teachers only needed fifteen people. To top it off, I was one of the only teenagers among a bunch of twenty year olds. Yeah, I was nervous. At some point we were each asked why we thought we should be in T4YP. I was the first person made to answer this question, and as a result I was confused and unprepared. I said something about how I didn't want to tell the teachers what they SHOULD do because I was in no position to tell them why they SHOULD let me in T4YP, and that I wanted to be in T4YP because I wanted to hone my acting skills. Once I was finished, every other person after me gave short, heartfelt speeches as to why they should be in T4YP.
To say I was discouraged would be about right.
We were told that we would receive a text telling us whether or not we would be in T4YP, and we were also given the schedule list so we could be prepared. It was a JAM PACKED schedule, and it kinda scared my mother and myself. Regardless, I waited tensely for my text. I did not have high hopes, but I reasoned that if I didn't get in, at least I wouldn't be stressed out by the schedule. And besides, I could try again next year.
The text didn't come until almost a week later (Saturday 12th), but I was clued into my position several hours before I received the text. That day, after drama class was wrapped up, myself and another one of my classmates, Ian, were pulled aside by our teachers. Ian was one of the only peers in my class that also auditioned for T4YP, and while he hadn't received a callback, he had apparently done pretty good (though he was also cut off in both monologues). Our teachers told us that we had both very well in the the auditions, but due to our significantly younger age compared to everyone else who had auditioned, they wanted us to wait until we were slightly older and our acting skills had improved, so that we could fully benefit from T4YP. It was a once in a lifetime kind of thing after all. Not only that, a bunch of the people who had auditioned were twenty-five, and so this was their last chance to try out for T4YP before they got too old. Ian and I on the other hand had a couple years to go. Regardless of whether or not we got in, our teachers thought we both had some really good potential and encouraged us to try again next year.
Both of us understood and agreed, and when I received the 'sorry, no, you didn't get in' text, I didn't feel at all discouraged. It was quite the experience though, auditioning and actually having impressed the judges enough to get a callback! I'll go for it again next year.

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