Thursday, October 22, 2015

The future, my sis's b-day, and The Martian

Ok, so technically it's the 22nd in Malaysia right now. But, y'know, I'm very bad at posting things either consistently or on time. Seriously, my Top 5 Transformers Prime characters series and my Over the Garden Wall reviews are telling you the same.
So, yeah... It's the future! (Or at least it was yesterday). Cue awesome Back to the Future theme!
Also it's it was my younger sister's birthday today yesterday! It was rather low key, same with my fifteenth birthday. Wonder if that's going to become a trend... It was a fun family day, though. And- Oh, yeah! We saw The Martian in theatres, per Hawk's birthday request.
How was it? Well, I really enjoyed it. I found the whole thing to be rather tense and emotional. I legitimately didn't know if the main character, Mark, would get out of his situation alive. Seriously, I was expecting him to die in the end, and then I would've been really upset. But no, instead we got a happy and uplifting ending! The build-up to said ending was absolutely great, and it makes one feel really happy to see all the genius things the main character does in order to survive. You want to be smarter when watching him.
So, yeah. Great movie, good birthday celebration, and I bought Hawk Tim Burton's Corpse Bride as a present.
Anyhoo, that's all for now. Hopefully I will post SOMETHING related to reviews or Top 5 lists next time around. Nadi OUT!

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