Thursday, August 20, 2015

ANT-MAN! Insta-thoughts

So, we saw Ant-Man in theaters a day or two ago. I wasn't able to write this post then due to the gosh awful internet, but here I am now. Anyway, so what were my thoughts on Ant-Man?
As you can see from my insta-opinion Facebook update, I really enjoyed it! I seriously, really enjoyed it! Now, it's not quite as funny as everyone was shouting it out to be. I mean, I found it funny, but not as funny as Guardians of the Galaxy. But other than that, I don't really have many complaints concerning the movie.
While there was something about the pacing of Scott and Hope's relationship that kind of rubbed me the wrong way, again, I don't have that many complaints. Shrinking is one of my favorite superpowers, right up there with the speedsters. Which is weird, because I've hardly seen ANY shrinking heroes, besides Bumblebee in the Teen Titans cartoon. Anyway, the concept always seemed so cool to me. The possibilities are almost endless when you have the ability to shrink because there's actually a whole lot of world to go around, and a whole lot of props to use. I think the best example I can think of, explaining why I love this power, is the fight scene between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket in Scott's daughter's room. They made the girl's play table their battleground, using toys as deadly weapons! Cool? Heck yeah.
It's hard to explain the atmosphere of the movie. It wasn't as high-tech, witty, or troubled as Iron Man, it didn't seem to press the high stakes and something to fight for vibe like in the Captain America movies, and of course it didn't match the enormity of the Avengers movies. It didn't even quite reach the wit and carefree humor as Guardians of the Galaxy, as I said before. That's not to say that it wasn't carefree and funny compared to most of the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. In fact, I found it more lighthearted than Guardians of the Galaxy, but that's just my view.
Ant-Man put a heavier emphasis on the family aspect. All Scott wants is to be able to see his daughter. That's why he got out of jail, that's why he tried to go straight, that's why he tried stealing again, that's why he agreed to help steal the Yellowjacket suit, that's why he fought Yellowjacket, that's why he was willing to sacrifice himself, that's why he had the will to come back. He's just an average guy who stole a suit and became really good at using it. I told this to my mom when trying to describe the movie: "It's how I would imagine a Hawkeye movie feeling like." Sure, the scenarios would likely be way different. But the 'average family guy who happens to be really good at something' vibe would be there, I'm sure of it.
This is pretty short post since I have to babysit at the moment, but in short, I LOVED the movie. The action, the powers, the ants, the props, even the humor. I loved it. Now, quick update on my Over the Garden Wall reviews: I'm nearly done reviewing Schooltown Follies. I might take a rest from reviewing Over the Garden Wall for awhile and try something different after I'm done. I'm thinking about doing something super-hero related…
Nadi OUT.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Replay (TMNT '12 oneshot)

Saki would never forget that night. Leaping at the Hamato student with blades drawn, striking at him with intent to kill. The blow just missing, instead sending the woman he loved to a tragic fate. The flames raging about him, a symbol of his rage. Rage against himself? No, rage against the Hamato. It was his fault, turning the woman Saki loved against him. If she had only remained with him, the tragedy would have never happened.
  And through some cruel karma, the tragedy, through virtually the same players, replayed. It was almost a mirror. Again Saki leapt at the Hamato student with blades drawn. Again he struck at the Hamato student with intent to kill. And again, the blow missed, sending the girl he loved to a tragic fate.
  It was the next generation to whom it had happened to, but Saki did not miss the parallels. There were even flames raging around the scene.
  Rage, rage, rage…!
  Against himself? No. No, of course not. Saki did not miss these parallels either. It was all the fault of the Hamato clan. It was the fault of the Hamato clan that the woman he loved was lost, and it was now the fault of the Hamato clan that he could not fulfill the one missing parallel. The most he could do was leave with the promise to do so.
  "I shall avenge you, my daughter!"

[A/N Yeah, this is something that occurred to me when I first watched Vengeance is Mine. I noticed the parallels. Leo played as Splinter, Karai played as Teng Shen. In both situations, Shredder tried to do away with the Hamato, and instead brought unintended and unwanted tradgedy on the young woman caught in the middle. There was even fire consuming the building in both situations. The only thing that didn't happen was Shredder walking away from the flames with Karai in his arms, saving her and stealing her away. I wrote this on a complete whim thirty minutes ago, improvising as I went. I'm pretty satisfied with what I've made]