Sunday, July 12, 2015

Strategy in preteen sumo wrestling

My youngest sister, Raewyn/Dove was telling us an awesome story from her time hanging out with all the preteens yesterday. (While all the parents are hanging out at church camp, the youth, preteens, and younger all go off to do seperate activities). So, one of the preteen activities was essentially sumo wrestling. The two kids run at each other and try to push each other out of the circle. Dove said that when it was her turn, she had already taken notice of the fact that every single kid ran at each other and tried to do just that. So she tried a different approach.
Up against a boy, she waited a bit for him to run at her first. At the last moment, she stepped aside and let him fall out of the circle. She strategized in sumo wrestling!
Yeah, I'm proud of my little sister.

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