Saturday, July 25, 2015

Busy with busy-ness and tiredness (also friends)

You know, I did have an EXCELLENT two weeks. Two weeks ago, our family spent a whole week (and the weekend before that) at a retreat and I met a whole lot of kids like me (Christian kids who live overseas). We played a whole lot of games, went through several fun and enlightening Bible study sessions, and we just had a plain good time.
I even met a bunch of girls who are just as quirky and crazy as I am. Now, the plan was for me to write a whole journal on that week's crazy times, but then I bumped into two problems: 1) my iPad was confiscated for most of the week, and I when I did have it, I was too busy having fun to do much other than take pictures with it, and 2) when the week was over, and our family headed back to my dad's parent's house, we went on a family retreat back up to the SAME MOUNTAINS we had just left.
It was a short, but fun family retreat. My dad's parent's were there, and my dad's brother with his family. (My dad's sister couldn't make it since her family lives in Indonesia). My uncle has only two kids, three and seventeen months(?), and they are so cute! It was enjoyable to keep an eye on and hang out with them.
So, yeah… I've been busy, and after each retreat I've been SUPER tired. I'll try to get back in the groove soon enough. I just need more rest. Nadi OUT!

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