Monday, June 8, 2015

Hiatus STRIKE!

Yeah, sorry about the lack of posts lately. Actually, the past two weeks have been a bit of a blurr.
Heh heh… Dang, I'm kinda tired too. Anyhoo, so two weeks ago we moved to a new apartment, the fourth move in the seven years we've been living in Malaysia. This one is HUGE! Bigger than our first one! Our first one was pretty big, the second was a little smaller, and our third was even smaller. It seemed to be a thing for our apartments to be getting smaller and smaller with every move. But our newest apartment is TWO STORIES! Basically, we live on both the fifteenth and sixteenth floor! We still need to finish unpacking stuff, but all in all, it was a satisfying move.
The week after that, Hawk and I volunteered at an 'English club'. A family friend is a teacher at a small school that houses unregistered kids. Many of the kids are here illegally, and/or don't have parents. And many of them don't speak English. So our family friend called for volunteers at our church to help out. She called it an 'English club', and it was to go on for an entire week (not counting Saturday and Sunday). Mom volunteered Hawk and I. It was an interesting experience, and though many of the kids were very mischievous, they were willing learners, and I truly enjoyed teaching them. Hawk and I went there everyday, Monday to Friday. By Friday I was exhausted, and almost fell asleep at our Friday night bible study.
Then on Saturday, we went to Singapore for a bit of a holiday. So, here I am, Monday evening at Singapore. We're (siblings and I) watching cartoons (because that's the only time we can watch cartoons on TV), and for some reason there is something über exciting actually catching a show on television. Seeing TMNT on Nick and Robots in Disguise on Cartoon Network was an oddly exciting experience.
Anyway, I ramble, and I'm tired. I'm almost finished with my second Over the Garden Wall review. I meant to finish it last month, but seriously… Things have been crazy lately. I'm almost done, though!
Anyway, Nadi SIGNING OUT!

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