Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wheatley Laboratories

Guys! GUYS! I actually made something good! Look at this! Look at it! I am so unbelievably happy! It's the best drawing I have ever made!
My past attempts to draw Wheatley (from the Portal game series) have been half-way to successful, but some… difference in the way I perceive things when drawing prevents me from drawing the entirety of him (like his casing, and sometimes his handles). So, I was bored, and I decided to trace out a picture of Wheatley using my drawing app (LINE Brush Lite).
This is that picture, by the way.
I traced out the moniter, then Wheatley (and later the panels). Then I got to coloring. I went for the eye first, and oh my word, it was the best thing ever! That is when I found out that I am awesome at mixing colors. I just flowed with it, using the oil brush affect to color the entirety of the picture! (The panels were an enormous pain in the rear, but that doesn't matter anymore). The finished work left me feeling extremely satisfied. Especially Wheatley. I'm so proud of myself.
This picture is a part of a small project I'm gonna be working on, and hopefully, if I have the time and patience to actually finish the entire projects, you'll be able to see the finished work on my art blog: violetpurplefish.blogspot.com.
Over and out, guys! Still proud of myself!

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