Monday, April 27, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron

[WARNING: There may be spoilers concerning Age of Ultron up ahead. Proceed with caution]
I truly enjoyed this movie! I was super, SUPER hyped when Vision came on screen. I loved Hawkeye ALL the way through the movie: he seemed to have more personality than in The Avengers, and we got to meet (SPOILERS) his family! Yeah, he has a wife and kids, and it was heartwarming to watch them! My sister and I were talking all throughout the movie, and early on during the movie (after Clint got injured) I told her that Hawkeye was arguably the most 'human' out of all of the Avengers. Seriously, my love for this character has increased.
I loved Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and was admittedly more hyped about Quicksilver because I just love speedsters. I seriously think they did well with Quicksilver and his superspeed, and I especially loved the more slow-mo moments (particularly when he dodged Thor's hammer and decided to try and grab it and very quickly realized how much of a mistake that was). We didn't explore too much into Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's relationship as siblings, but it was made clear all throughout how much they cared for each other, through the occasional petty argument and constantly looking out for each other. Ah, twins… Aaaand, I'm suddenly remembering their heartbreaking fate. Nah, not gonna spoil that.
Black Widow and Banner got a fairly sudden love story. I was perfectly fine with it. It was a rather touching relationship (especially seeing as Natasha is always the one to be counted on to bring Bruce out from the Hulk state), and we got a lot more on Natasha's backstory through it (and through Scarlet Witch's mind tricks). But, wow… Kind abrupt, don't you think? Hawkeye, Captain America, and now Banner? Make up your mind, girl.
I'm impressed with how massive a cast of characters was put into this movie, and yet we got a rather coherent story! Props to Whedon for that, seriously!
I actually first saw Vision in a couple issues of the Avengers AI comic series, and I really enjoyed the character (even if I didn't follow the series). So when I caught a very brief glimpse of him at the end of one the Age of Ultron trailers, I completely flipped out (thank you to my brother who managed to help me actually remember his name). But I forgot about it eventually, until we actually got an ENTER, VISION! scene in the movie. Coolest and most tense scene ever! (Please just take the hyperbole). So far, even though we haven't seen that much of him, I really like the Vision. He's an intriguing, almost naïve, almost OVERPOWERED character. And, (SPOILERS) he worthy to bear Thor's hammer. Yeah, the Avengers were shocked too.
(By the way, yes, Captain America managed to shift Thor's hammer and it was awesome).
Tony Stark no longer had a glow-y chest, but he still has a suit of armour. And apparently a serious guilt complex, which we play on throughout the movie. It's more or less because of this guilt complex that Ultron even now exists.
And Ultron. People always go into this hype about how Loki is the villain in the Avengers, and yet he is one of the best characters in the movie. Yeah, I liked Loki, but I wouldn't say that. However, I would almost say that about Ultron. I was already totally pumped for an AWESOME character when I found out that Ultron was to be portrayed by James Spader, who I LOVE in the Blacklist. For some reason, I wasn't expecting the character I got, and I LOVED HIM! Ultron's dry, matter-of-fact manner, coupled with his spot-on comedic moments… Just to be simple, Ultron is like Red (from the Blacklist) if he was a robot, had no-holds-barred control on almost all things technology, and just a little less morals (that is assuming Red still has any). I just loved Ultron as the villain, and I say, without hesitation, that he makes up for lack of Loki. It's actually hard to peg Ultron throughout the movie, because he acts one way, but then acts another… He's calm and matter-of-fact one moment, then tearing something apart with fear and anger the next. He is a truly intriguing character, and his relationship with the Vision likewise.
Well, that's all the time I have for now. Captain America was in the movie by the way. I'm sorry for my complete lack of Captain America in this post. He's one of my favorite characters, but not particularly the highlight of this movie.
Over and out!


  1. Hey nadi! Me, leah, and her friend went to see age of ultron and it was cool

  2. One of my fave parts was when cap nudged the hammer and vision picked it up. Vision is worthy and cap is a little worthy. I love cap! Hes soo cool.