Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Which Criminal Minds character are you?

Yeah, I took a Criminal Minds character quiz because reasons… I'm bored, ok. Also, I like Criminal Minds, even if it gave me the occasional nightmare. Anyhoo, click here to take the quiz yourself and my results are below. (Forewarning to the people who go crazy over typos, there is a typo in the quiz. 'Hampster'? Seriously?)

You got: Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
When people first meet you they assume you are weak, but they have no idea just how strong and loyal you are. You have many friends because people come to you when they need help and support, and you are happy to give it. You wouldn't give up your friends and family for any for the world and will always be the glue that holds your group together.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Simmer down, ease up

To my disappointment the term 'ease up' is not original only to me. Ok, so my plan was to deliver reviews on every episode of Transformers: Robots In Disguise in rapid fire succession.
But that would be time consuming. Don't get me wrong! I love Transformers! I love this new show, the characters are funny and awesome, and there is character development! Yeah! But I can't write reviews and thoughts and maybe even episode summaries for all ten (eleven, tomorrow) episodes that have already been released (in Australia). I might do some individual character analysis when the show hits a hiatus (which will probably be when the thirteenth episode has been released), but for now I'm gonna ease up on the whole Transformers thing.
Anyway… I'm back, so that's something. I've been tired and busy lately. Also, our family just came back from a week long trip at Cameron Highlands with some family friends. I was the caretaker of four, no, six (counting my two youngest siblings) hyperactive kids. They were alright. I mean, they kind of love me. (That one really devil-may-care kid, though…)
So, what's new? I just discovered the existence of Portal, so that's something… Seriously, it is definitely something! I have never been much of a gamer. I love playing Her Interactive's Nancy Drew games, and I got into Five Nights At Freddy's (even if I never actually finished the one game of FNaF 2 I played, I am a big fan). I kind of bumped into Portal while surfing the web, and I thought "Hm, what's this?" I researched it. I read a few words that made me SUPER interested, and began to research it more in depth.
Now I want to buy Portal and Portal 2, and I finally know why the meme 'the cake is a lie' even exists. Seriously, nothing is more annoying (actually, some things are way more annoying, but just accept my cliché exaggeration) than looking at a meme that EVERYONE except you can understand.
Anyhoo… Nothing else to say at the moment. My grandmother is almost finished making food, and I am really hungry.
Write ya later, guys!