Wednesday, February 11, 2015

RID Video React: Meet Grimlock

Go to yourself if you want to. You can see the following video on the site, or just watch it below. See, read this in a very tired and bland voice… Like Shego, I guess. I have been catching up on Kim Possible. It's amazing how much I've missed when I was little and how much I'm getting into as a teenager… I've got some interesting issues.

Such as the fact that I haven't posted in awhile. Here, you can watch me watch this video, even though I recorded it a long while ago. (First or second of February)
Ok, so I'm tired, as usual, I'm recovering from a cold and my new retainers are irritating me, but I think that I'll be in a better mood by the end of this post. So, let's get down!

"Grimlock, no!"
Grimlock, wat r u doing? Grimlock, stahp! Gee, I crack myself up. Anyway, it is made obvious that Grimlock is incredibly headstrong, and doesn't seem to have any regard to orders. But we already knew that.

When she saw this video, my sister said, "You know that this cartoon is gonna be cute when they use animation like this." And I agree with her. What? Transformers Animated was cute sometimes. And dark sometimes. And plenty of fun. It's not like Robots in Disguise can't have the same combo.
I don't see why Grimlock can't just transform into bot mode. While I'm sure it won't help him buoyancy problem, it might make it easier to get out of the water. Unless he goes walking along the ocean floor in dino mode until he gets to shore and enters Crown City like a robotic Godzilla… Actually, I could totally see that happening.

[lack of quote due to the fact that I have absolutely no idea what GL said in this scene. Heh, GL…]
Well… At this point I have no idea what use Grimlock would have for a bot mode. I mean, he seems pretty flexible (sometimes literally) in his dino mode. Grimlock seems to function very well in his dino mode, his arms not being the typical tiny T-rex arms, and his tail being a deadly weapon. I just realized… Does Grimlock have any form of fire power in here? It doesn't seem so, but breathing fire or having a fire sword would be pretty cool, like the past Grimlocks.
It looks like Underbite attacked the bots at Denny's scrapyard, by the way. My tired brain gives no theories or predictions.

"I'm a truck.'
I'm sorry, but I found this to be completely adorable. While trying to imagine why Grimlock would 'dress up' like a truck, I decided that this might be a sarcastic (or even non-sarcastic) response to Bumblebee's robots in disguise quota. Like, seriously… the cartoon is called 'Robots in Disguise'. Bumblebee did this whole little speech thing about how they had to be 'robots in disguise' (after agreeing to bring Grimlock on a mission). Is no one gonna comment on the fact that Grimlock is the last bot you want around while trying to fulfill that phrase? Anyway, maybe someone commented on the fact that Grimlock is most certainly not a robot in disguise, an he cobbled up this costume…

This was a rather short video, not giving much on Grimlock. From what we can see, he is a bruiser who doesn't seem to like taking orders from anyone. But, like most large and wrecking prone (good guy) Transformers, he seems to have a fun, and maybe even cuddly side. At some point he seems to understand the Autobots' maneuvers, and work with them as a team, but I know that there will be an episode focusing on the fact that Grimlock is really headstrong and how he needs to deal with it.
This cartoon puts an new twist on the character of Grimlock. In the past, Grimlock has been a mildly dimwitted, stubborn, broken speeched but sometimes lovable T-Rex bot with a thing for breaking stuff. In here, Grimlock is a lot more coherent, using full sentences and everything, and probably has a pretty average intellegence span. He's still stubborn, and seems to still have a penchant for at least beating stuff up.
I do wish that the video could've given a little more on the fact that Grimlock used to be a Decepticon and now apparently has amnesia. I can't wait to see what kind of story stems from that fact. It makes me wonder exactly what Grimlock did or what he was like as a Decepticon. Why would he be on Cybertron's most wanted list? *gasp* What if he dies like Dinobot did in Beast Wars: Transformers?
With that happy thought in mind: 'til all are one!

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