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RID (2015) EPISODE SNEAK PEEKS! Bumblebee's Mission

See the video here: Bumblebee's Mission
Oh… Oh, my gosh. I just finish my last Robots In Disguise update and then I find out THIS THING EXISTS!! *deep dramatic gasp* (Posting on my iPad means that gifs are unusable)
Ok, so there are, like, four different Robots In Disguise videos I want to review. Two episode sneak peeks, a season one preview and the opening theme. For now, I'll just go one at a time, starting with the sneak peek Bumblebee's Mission. Technical reasons prevent me from actually posting the video, so you'll see the link above.
The colors are cool, but I hope that they don't play with these colors too much because that can give some people a headache. Also, everything is shiny. That can give some people a headache as well. On the other hand, it's a really, really fun visual, putting more emphasis and vibrancy on the variating colors of the Cybertronians. Also, the continuing theme of huge chests, small waists cracks me up. I love how so very expressive the bots are, it's really fun, and quite frankly cute to watch. The animation is sometimes a little jerky, and while it can be a bit jarring a times, I think I could get over it. By the way, I've mostly gotten over how much 'Bee looks like Smokey.

"He's heading for that city… Those skyscrapers."
'He', we find out later in the video is Underbite. Why he wants to go to a human city is unknown so far, but for some reason the G1 cartoon comes to mind. You know, where the Decepticons find completely ridiculous and wacky ways to make energon, mostly by human means? In this instance, highly unlikely, but possible.

"No more humans can become involved."
Yes, we have humans, and as we find out later in the video, I was right on my hypothesis: Russell is the kid. I RULE! We also find out that the character Denny is an adult, and Russell's father. And according to the TFWiki, the father and son's last name is Clay. From what we can tell in the video, Denny Clay seems to own a scrapyard.
I noted in my review of the sneak peek that the kid (Russell) seemed to be arriving at a scrapyard, with a couple bags by his side. It is a possibility that Russell has been rather estranged from his father, his parents being separated or divorced, and he was coming to visit his father when the Autobots happened. Or, maybe, his mother died, and Russell is now coming to live with his father. But this is just theorizing.
This whole father son thing reminds me strongly of G1 human characters Sparkplug and Spike Witwicky. Denny might have some knowledge of machines, working in a scrapyard, thus making him a good ally of the Autobots… Kind of like Sparkplug. Russell… I have no idea what use he has except for being small… Kind of like Spike. (That doesn't imply that I don't like Spike, but the Autobots in G1 were very irresponsible: "Sure, Spike, you can come with us on the potentially deadly mission!")

"Those buildings in Crown City? There are tens of thousands of humans in them!"
So we have a name for the city. We find out later in the video that the prison ship wreckage is nearby the scrapyard. Assuming that the 'Bots need to stick around the wreckage and the stasis cells, thus sticking around the scrapyard a lot, Crown City probably will come into play several times. Perhaps there's an evil human organization hidden in there… Muhaha!

"Just let me transform, sir, and I'll come with."
"Strongarm, you need to understand: none of you were supposed to be here! Optimus said this was a mission for me!"
We find out in the season one preview, which I will be covering later, that some form of Optimus Prime's ghost gives Bumblebee a mission. While mission seems unclear, the obvious hypothesis would be the crashed prison ship. While a Decepticon prison ship on earth would pose quite a problem, I'm not sure what urgency would cause Optimus' spirit to tell Bumblebee his mission. Perhaps there is something much greater at work than just a bunch of escaped 'Cons.
Apparently, Strongarm and Sideswipe were two unwanted tagalongs. I'm assuming that Fixit might've been on the prison ship seeing as he seems to know so much about the escaped 'Cons and the ship itself, but if he wasn't, he was still an unwanted tagalong. But that's unlikely. Anyway, I can see Strongarm talking her way onto the mission, but I have no idea how Sideswipe got pulled into this at all.
By the by, Strongarm calling Bumblebee 'sir' is just weird. But very in character: I really can't see her casually calling him Bumblebee.

"Well, I want another shot at that muscle-head!"
"You can't let some criminal ride with you!"
"I'm not a criminal!"
"At least I don't think I am…"
When I think of Grimlock I think of 'Me Grimlock king!' in a very deep, roaring voice. When I think of Grimlock being voiced by Khary Peyton, I think of Aqualad in season two of Young Justice. What I got was Cyborg. And I am very, very ok with that.
It seems like Grimlock and Underbite do indeed have some form of rivalry, and Grimlock has indeed lost most of his memory. By the way, it's easy to think, 'C'mon, Strongarm, let up on the protocol, will you? Grimlock is awesome!' But think of it from her point of view. Common sense says, 'Don't let the superior go off on his own with a convicted criminal!' Just saying… It's common sense, not necessarily protocol.

"I'm not letting-!"
"I'm going. And if you don't like it, you can try and stop me."
Bumblebee might let Grimlock come along this time, but I can forsee some character problems in the future when it comes to Grimlock interacting with the team, and listening to 'Bee's orders.

"We need to look like something humans will accept. We need to be robots in disguise."
Yeah, force that title into your sentence, 'Bee! Also, there is nothing the humans will accept more than a giant green metal dinosaur chasing after a couple vehicles! Yeeaah… Sure, Grimlock kinda forced 'Bee to take him along, but 'Bee should've thrown this speech at his faceplates before accepting him.

"I'm good."
It takes just those snarky sounding words and Sideswipe's whole smirking demeanor to tell me that Grimlock probably won't the only one who is gonna be posing problems because of his attitude.

"You have law enforcement written all over you."
Rust too. This is Strongarm's personality in a nutshell so far. And so far I actually like Strongarm. Sure, the whole stickler for rules thing might get old, but her design is awesome. And realistic. Unlike most femme characters, I feel like I would actually want to cosplay this femme. That is if I ever get to go to ComicCon… *insert depressed face here*

"Fixit? What are you doing?"
"Answering your call…"
Fixit is sassy as all heck.

"Heh, and I'm supposed to be the one with the faulty hiring- whining- wiring!"
You still are, Fixit. Yes, he does have that speech glitch. I can see that getting annoying to people eventually, but right now I find it kind of funny.

"You didn't have to come here to tell me that."
"Oh! Well, I'll just go back to the ship then, and take these capture devices with me."
"Capture devices?"
Fixit is still sassy as all heck. And a badass too. So far I've really grown to like Fixit. He's really cool, and he seems to be a rather courageous little bot. Of course I'll need to see the full episode to get a full view of his personality, but so far… He's the most knowledgable when it comes to all the escaped 'Cons, he's made capturing devices, and is apparently the only one who can be depended on to fix the stasis cells on the prison ship. He's a badass.

"So? What'd you choose?"
Transforming stock footage is indeed back! I actually don't mind transforming stock footage, as I said said in the RID sneak peek review, and in fact it makes me smile. I don't know why, but it does. But then, I've been smiling like a maniac ever since I found out these episode sneak peeks exist.
I like Strongarm's alt. Femme's don't need a delicate looking altmode, they can have a badaft police truck! Strongarm picked that alt for a reason, there is no way she would choose some sports car.

"Everyone else, we're a team now. And we're all that stands between Underbite and a lot of innocent lives. So let's do what we have to do. Roll up and roll out!"
"I'll work on that last part…"
Bumblebee is still cute! Sideswipe's facepalm made me laugh. I can see that 'Bee is a natural born leader, but he's only just started. He still has a lot to learn, and in his view he has a lot to live up to, what with Optimus Prime being one of the pinnacle leaders in recent Autobot history and his old mentor. Bumblebee seems to be one of the things I asked: responsible, but still a couple steps short from the top. It will be interesting to see his development. I haven't seen enough of Bumblebee to know if he's kept his fun loving attitude, but I sure hope so.
Also, cool alt mode. No humans will pay close attention to that.
Well, that's it for now! I'll be talking about the season one preview, another episode sneak peek, and the opening theme in later posts. 'Til all are one!

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