Saturday, January 24, 2015

RID Video Reaction: Meet Team 'Bee

Check out Hasbro's official Transformers website. You can see the video yourself here, or just watch it below.

Also, you can see my immediate reaction to the video in the clip below. Be aware that it might take awhile for the clip to load up, so if you do want to see it, be patient.
So, time for a mini review. Be aware that I have my little cousins over at our apartment, so I am crazy tired. I'm not really putting my all into this review.

"Play time's over!"
Alright, so contrary to what I said at the end of my reaction video, Bumblebee did have something to say in his section. Also, awesome line, 'Bee! You need to have a catchphrase! (And not 'Roll up and roll out,' please).

We finally get to see 'Bee's capture device. Like Strongarm's, it goes into the 'point' catagory. I'd really like to see how a capture device in the 'throw' catagory works. Anyhoo, I can see how Bumblebee's capture device is able to 'capture'. Catch that sucker in an electric net!! As for Strongarm's… still not quite sure how it works in the 'capture' department.

"At least our fugitive will be easy to track."
Strongarm is seeing and pointing out the obvious, but for some reason this makes me wonder if Strongarm might be a tracker of some sort. I mean, being an Elite Guard comes with all sorts of odd knowledge, or at least I would think so. I suppose it depends on where you're stationed.

Well, Grimlock obviously has a catchphrase, along with what seems to be a signature move: jumping high into the air, and coming down on his opponent, flattening them. I'm sure it is very effective (no sarcasm). In case it wasn't obvious, Grimlock is going to be the brawler on the team. Primus, that is very obvious. Ah, gee, I am soooo tired…

I'm not sure why, but the style of this particular scene irked me. I mean, the way they colored Terrashock. The tan outlines of his black horns were visually distracting, and they seemed to put too much emphasis on his 'shiny-ness'. Now, I may be taking it a bit too far with the shiny-ness part, but I am unashamed to say that those outlines are visually distracting. I think they need to work on that.

"Just passing through!"
You wouldn't believe how many different interpretations people have of Sideswipe, either canon or fanon. He's either an irresponsible young soldier who enjoys annoying other bots, or he's an experienced young lieutenant who enjoys annoying other bots. Either way, he's a snarky badass. For some reason, I doubt that RID Sideswipe is really a soldier, though he obviously has some fancy dance fighting skills. It would be interesting if Robots In Disguise took a leaf out of TFAnimated's book, making use of Prowl's origin story for Sideswipe.
A young, disrespectful hotshot bot who has no interest in being a soldier winds up being an unwilling student to an older, well-experienced bot. The older bot teaches the younger bot some mean fighting skills, angsty backstory, older bot ends up being killed, bla bla bla bla bla… I just realized I kind of gave TFP Smokescreen's backstory as well (only he really wanted to be a soldier).

It seems like the bots are hunting down Filch in this scene. I'm really curious about the statue they're climbing, though.
I mean, look at it! It's huge!!

"I order you to stand clown-! Stand brown-! Stand down, right now!"
I told you Fixit would be a badass! I mean, he's telling a much bigger bot, a 'Con at that (or at least logic assumes that its a 'Con), to stand down. I hypothesize that this might take place right after the crash. Like, the 'Cons start escaping, and little Fixit takes it on himself to stop them. It's not shown who he's talking to, but I think it's Steeljaw.
And I'm pretty sure that this confrontation won't end well for Fixit.

Thank goodness I got this choppy review over with! I'm really tired, and biology has very recently been added to my school work… Anyhoo. 'Til all are one!

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