Tuesday, January 20, 2015

RID Video Reaction: Meet the Autobots

Check out the official transformers.com's new look! You can see the video yourself here, or watch it below.

Also, see me react to watching the Meet the Autobots video.
I truly enjoyed the video, but I don't think I'll be making a review on this due to the fact that school and other writing is taking up my time. Besides, there isn't too much analyze in the video. We see quite a few 'Cons, like Terrashock, Hammerstrike and Filch, and a few new scenes. That Egyptian-esq temple though…
It reminds me of a few things. For one, the pyramid Smokescreen and Arcee went to in episode Alpha/Omega of Transformers Prime. For another, Indiana Jones.
I'm really interested to see what would bring the 'Bots there. Sure, maybe one of the 'Cons will hide out in the temple and the Autobots have to pursue him there. But I sure hope that there is something more… epic.
Maybe a G1-esq plot in which there is a crazy crystal of power in Peru that helps the 'Cons access a crazy power source an Incan temple… G1 references! Appreciate it!
'Til all are one!

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