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RID Video React: Meet the 'Cons

I've said this in my last two Robots In Disguise reaction-to-video posts, and I'll say it again: check out Hasbro's! You can see the video we are gonna be covering today by clicking this link, or you can just watch it below.

And don't forget that you can watch me watching the above video in the video down below. But who wants to watch that anyway?
Anyway, biology and essays await me in an endless and bad mood inducing torrent, so let's get this over with.

"This was the prison ship Alcamor [tentative spelling], bearing Cyberton's most wanted Decepticons. Now, I reconed the crash site, and we're missing most of our stasis cells. Their inmates are presumably at large."
I am not sure how to spell Alcamor. Anyway, I'm confused as to why Fixit says that some of the stasis cells are missing. Watching the Bumblebee's Mission clip, I assumed that the stasis cells were simply destroyed, seeing as Fixit told Bumblebee that he had repaired a cell. Of course, just because most of the stasis cells are missing doesn't mean that several can't still be there for Fixit to repair. But that raises the question: why would the cells be missing? What use would the 'Cons have for the cells? Assuming that the cells are missing because they were taken (and assuming that the 'Cons are the ones who took them).

I'm assuming that this is the criminal database, featuring every convict 'Con, information on their abilities, mods, weapons and possibly background. We get a peek at a few Decepticon silhouettes as the database is… decoded? I dunno. It looks like its being decoded, kind of like how the Iacon database was decoded in Transformers Prime. Anyhoo. Decepticon silhouettes...
Steeljaw, Bisk, Chop Shop (?), Hammerstrike, Terrashock (?) or Quillfire (?), Underbite and Thunderhoof. Not sure why there aren't many, many more.

"Savor the daylight. Things are about to get rather dark."
Fixit said that the Alcamor held some of Cybertron's most wanted Decepticons. This raises the question: exactly how much trouble are 'Bee and the gang in for? I mean these 'Cons wouldn't be on Cyberton's most wanted list for nothing. Contrary to what we've seen in certain clips (Masters of Destruction, Meet the Autobots and Team Bumblebee etc.) these Decepticons can't be total pushovers. There is gonna have to be some large challenge from more than just Steeljaw (who will undoubtedly be the ultimate boss battle).

We see quite a few 'Cons in this clip. Here they are, as best as I could make out, anyway.
Hammerstrike, who does, in fact, turn into a sub. And he goes into the water too, and seems to be freaky fast for a sub. Still… That's not very useful on land. And I'm going to keep pointing that out until I see him do something truly awesome, worthy of a 'former voiced by David Kaye… Da da daaa!


Chop Shop, or at least presumably. It looks like Chop Shop. By the way, if Bumblebee's size is about the same as it was in TFPrime (which it probably isn't), I seriously think that Chop Shop (presumably) is about the size of Megatron (TFP)! Like, geez…! And even if Bumblebee is larger than he was in TFPrime, Chop Shop (presumably) is still big. Wow, the Decepticons really liked the big guys on the playground, huh?

Terrashock, who seems to do a lot of running on all fours. I'm sure that he can do some pede walking, but I understand that being on all fours would be way faster.

Underbite, who actually seems to manuver pretty well in that big body of his.

Thunderhoof. It's unclear what is going on in this scene, but is that a groundbridge, or possibly spacebridge behind him? Whatever it is, it seems to be sucking stuff into it, and no one wants to go through. (Note Sideswipe's foot at the corner of the screenshot). If it is a groundbridge, or spacebridge, that would totally make sense. I mean, what's a sequel to Transformers Prime without some groundbridge problems?

Filch. I assume that Filch is a kleptomaniac, mainly because of her name, which would actually be a fun personality trait to play with. But why the heck did she snatch Denny? If she is a klepto, maybe she wanted to add something new to her collection or something…? We have yet to see Filch in any mode other than bird-bot mode, and it's unclear if she transforms from a bot into a bird, or from a bird into a vehicle.

"You want to be free? You stay with me."
I can see Steeljaw being an incredibly manipulative character. I know that Decepticons are known for their manipulation, but I can't remember many characters that I legit marked as a manipulative one. G1 Megatron was very manipulative, as was Animated Megatron. I give most of the manipulation points to Starscream in TFP. Though Megatron, of course, was very manipulative himself. Anyway, it is clear that Steeljaw is another manipulative Decepticon leader. I can see this whole conflict with Grimlock, in which Steeljaw is trying to get the amnesic former 'Con to remember being a 'Con in the first place. Seriously, you can't have a former bad guy with amnesia with the good guys without another bad guy trying to get the amnesic to remember who he used to be.

Ok, before I wrap this up, I have a few things to say. I know that awhile back I said I would talk about the Transformers: Robots In Disguise opening theme song, but the thing is, the video has been deleted off YouTube. So, sorry.
Another thing I have to say is, thank you, if you're reading these posts. For some reason, that means a lot to me. I know that I am in no way the most coherent person ever, and my very recently high stress levels haven't been helping much. But, seriously… thanks.
Anyway, 'Til all are one!


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