Sunday, February 1, 2015

RID Video React: Meet Bumblebee

Hey, hey, hey! Go to Hasbro's, and check out their videos yourself! You can watch today's topic down below, or you can check it out yourself.

Also, see my really enthusiastic reaction to above video! Seriously, I don't think I've freaked out this much since the first sneak peek came out!
Anyway, I'm going to Singapore in a couple hours, so let's get down. And by the way, yes, my braces have been removed after four long years.

"My name is Bumblebee."
The amount of badassery in this clip is insurmountable (as of yet). I was almost jumping up and down like a little kid as I watched this. It was awesome seeing all the different sides of 'Bee (or at least most). The snarky badass side, the fun-loving side and the responsible-ish side. We mainly saw badass and fun-loving in the first season and most of the second season of Prime. By the time Smokescreen became the youngest Autobot, Bumblebee began coming off as more responsible, especially in Predacons Rising. Anyway, moving on.

What? What? Why...? What? Ok, so I don't know what series of events led up to this, but I know that Thunderhoof is involved. I also can't wait to see what series of events led up to this either…

"Looks like you took beating after all."
I guess Hammerstrike underestimated Bumblebee's AWESOMENESS! (Though I can see 'Bee getting a little overconfident himself). (Gotta leave in two hours, sorry if this is very quick and choppy).

"Oh! Oh, I love this song!"
It has always been an idea, either canon or fanon (most likely canon) that Bumblebee is a huge fan of music and dancing. Mainly due to the really cute dancing scenes that we sometimes see in Prime. You gotta admit, that Bumblebee, with his general adorableness and lack of speech, did seem like to type who would love music for its expressiveness. And it looks like Bumblebee still has that love for music and dancing. That is adorable, and completely awesome.

"You are ready to lead, Bumblebee. Do not doubt yourself."
WHY IS HE HERE!? I mean, he looks so real! He looks real! Why is he here?! He is totally messing me up!
Ok, I actually have very little theories as to why Optimus would be here in this form. The big one is that this is a dream. Optimus first appeared to 'Bee to tell him to go to earth. Then, at the end of the first episode or something, Optimus appears again, encouraging our young leader.
Still… Why are you here? You look so real…..

All in all, I can't wait to see Bumblebee for real. In an actual episode. He's responsible, snarky, has a natural knack for leadership, but seems to have a lack of confidence in his own abilities. When I started out hearing about Bumblebee, seeing his new look, hearing about his new job (leader of a small team) I was kind of turned off. I was really excited at the prospect of a new show, but I missed fun-loving Bumblebee. It was odd to me, watching him take command in Predacons Rising.
Bumblebee was the kid-appeal character, and everyone knows that kid-appeal characters… well, it's really hard to watch them mature. But Bumblebee, as we know, was looking to be a warrior. In season one, he was declared a little too immature to actually rise to rank of warrior yet. By season three, he tells Smokescreen that he has been offered the rank of warrior, but is putting it off until they go back to Cybertron. In Predacons Rising, we see Bumblebee finally being promoted from scout to warrior, and we see why he has earned it. He's matured to some degree, and he is naturally gifted in leadership.
That is fantastic. It is real character development. But as much as I was happy to see Bumblebee rise to his potential, I was still a little turned off. This continued even as I reviewed Robots In Disguise. But as time went on, I came to see how frigging awesome 'Bee is as a leader character. Because he's only beginning as a leader. We are going to see him develop his already existent skills, get over his fears and insecurities. And heck, we still get to see him have fun! HE'S STILL DANCING FOR PRIMUS' SAKE! And goodness, guys, just because you're a leader doesn't mean you can't have fun and have your moments of immaturity. I suppose it's all dependent on your personality, but we all know that 'Bee has always been a fun character. (To some degree. IDW 'Bee just got über angsty). While we will see him mature, and maybe even get angsty, I'm pretty sure BB will still be a fun and snarky character.
Also, he's voiced by Ron Stopp- Sorry, Will Friedle. C'mon!
Anyway, 'till all are one!

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