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There are many escaped Decepticon prisoners on the loose, wandering the earth.

And the Autobots, with their fancy dance capture devices…
Have gotta catch them all!
(Screw you, that was funny!)

But seriously, we have a crap load of Decepticons we have to keep track of, and that seems to be only for season one. With the help of the TFWiki, I will list them off. Be aware that not all of these characters have pictures yet. So, let's roll.
Underbite, voiced by Liam O'Brian.
Underbite is a huge, bestial Decepticon.
Steeljaw, voiced by Troy Baker.
"Savor the daylight. Things are about to get rather dark."
It's not been easy being a Decepticon lately. Ever since the rebirth of Cybertron, the Autobots have held the upper hand, but as far as Steeljaw is concerned, however, that's about to change. With the ship imprisoning him crash landing on Earth, Steeljaw's found a new opportunity to make the Autobots pay for his years of incarceration. And lo and behold, he's got plenty of freed Decepticons to choose from to build up an army capable of taking on Bumblebee and his ragtag bunch of misfits. He's got the charisma and leadership abilities to sway them over to his side. And who says his plans have to stop on Earth?

Wow. This character just got waaaaaayyyy more interesting to me…
Hammerstrike, voiced by David Kaye.
Hammerstrike is a shark. His alt-mode is a submarine.
Bisk, voiced by Khary Peyton.
For Bisk, everything is a game. Racing, fighting… it's all about tallying up a score and then putting that score at the top of some list, then bragging about it. Loudly.
Chop Shop, voiced by David Hunt.
Chop Shop is a Decepticon who can split into five robotic spiders.

Is it just me or does he look a bit like Beast Wars character Tarantulas? Just me?
Terrashock, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
Terrashock is a buffalo-like Decepticon.
Thunderhoof, voiced by Frank Stallone.
Thunderhoof is a deer-themed Decepticon. He transforms into a tractor with a thresher attachment.
Filch, voiced by Constance Zimmer.
Filch is a bird-like Decepticon.

And I will logically guess that she is a femme because she is voiced by Constance Zimmer. Yay! Femme character!
Springload, voiced by John Steven Rocha.
Springload is a Decepticon frog. He turns into a ranching pickup truck, resembling a Ford Bronco.
Ped, voiced by Eddie Deezen.
Ped is a burrowing Decepticon. His vehicle mode is a futuristic tanker truck.
Quillfire, voice by Andy Milder.
Quillfire is a Decepticon porcupine. He transforms into an armored militarized pickup truck.
Fracture, voiced by Kevin Pollak.
Fracture is a Decepticon who controls two Minicons named Airazor (voiced by Roger Craig Smith)
and Divebomb (voiced by Khary Peyton).
He [Fracture] transforms into a motorcycle.

Ok, so not a femme like I was hoping. But he still looks awesome! Also, Khary Peyton is really getting around with these characters. Wow.
Clampdown, voiced by Jim Cummings.
Clampdown is a crab-like Decepticon. His vehicle mode is a boy racer coupe.
Welp, that seems to be it so far. A few things were added and/or removed since I last wrote about the 'Cons, due to the fact that the TFWiki adds and/or removes stuff almost daily. I may or may not constantly update you guys on the 'Cons… Ok, constantly is a bad word to use. I'll update you guys when I update you. Or you guys can update yourselves by going to Seriously, guys, they are the most hilarious wiki ever. Anyway, I might just update this post over and over again, so...
'Til all are one.

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