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RID (2015) Season One Trailer Analysis

See video here: Robots in Disguise (2015) Season One Trailer
Trailers are often hard to anylize due to the fact that they are unreliable when it comes to the editing and sometimes very existence of certain scenes, thus details get a bit sketchy. But, they give a pretty reliable view on the overarching story, just not all the details that surround it. So, I'm gonna try my best to anylize the season one trailer for Robots in Disguise, as well as give my comments on the animation and style of certain characters… In fact, that will probably be happening more than the analysis. Anyway…
I actually saw the trailer before the episode sneak peeks, and it sent me into ultimate fangirl mode (very quiet too, since I was sitting in the living room with my family). Now that I've seen the episode sneak peeks, I can recognize a few scenes from the trailer that are from the episode sneak peeks. Like most trailers, it focuses more on the action, as well as a few major overall plot points (most of which are spoken by the narrator, but I'm not gonna be talking about that guy). It's meant to get you really pumped and excited for what's going to happen, or at least get someone interested. I think that this trailer did that pretty well.

"I need you on earth, Bumblebee."
Well, we already knew this. Somehow, Optimus Prime, either a spirit or something else, tells Bumblebee to go to earth, presumably to help capture the Decepticon fugitives. Like I mentioned in my review of the Bumblebee's Mission clip, it's kind of confusing that Optimus' slagging spirit would rise from the Well to tell Bumblebee to go to earth to capture Decepticons. I know that it is a large point of concern, but you expect something more… epic, right?
Also, if a prison ship crashes somewhere, don't you think that the higher ups (including Bumblebee) would've already heard about it? Unless they didn't, and that's why Optimus is calling on Bumblebee to go catch all the Decepticons…

I mentioned it in a past post, I'll mention it again: I love the expressiveness in this animation. I feel like this style of animation has the detailed complexity of Prime and the (slightly exaggerated) almost organic expressiveness of Animated. Don't get me wrong, Prime is awesome at portraying emotion into their characters, and Optimus' 'death', Bumblebee's 'death', the bots leaving to finally go back to Cybertron, those are just some of the scenes that left me with this odd feeling in my chest (ok, so I cried when the bots left). But the thing about 3D animation is that it doesn't always have the freedom of exaggerated styles, like 2D animation does. Ok, so Despicable Me and other cartoon movies like that have a crazy style, but it still doesn't quite have the charm that 2D animation has.
I am not bashing CGI animation at all. I love it, and CGI is generally well used in its departments. But 2D animation… It's so much fun.

So, Underbite has two modes: dino mode and vehicular mode… How does he do anything? What? It's a valid question. He seems to move super fast in both forms, so that's something just in case his T-Cog goes missing or something. He can hide out in vehicular mode… or not, assuming that he probably turns into some sort of conspicuous military vehicle, like a tank. How does he function in dino form? It's useful for destroying stuff, I'm sure, but… manipulating stuff, holding stuff… How…?

"We could be looking at a Decepticon army trying to take this planet."
"Yeah, I noticed that."
(Note: for some reason, I'm not sure that the two lines written above are actually related to each other. Sure, sarcastic Bumblebee is cool, but the sound editing seemed odd for some reason. Like I said, due to a change in editing, certain details in trailers can be messed up. But then, the details aren't that important in the trailer).
Is it just me, or is Bumblebee yellower on earth? On Cybertron he seems to be a shiny gold, whereas in the scenes featuring him on earth he is more yellow than gold. Seeing as it seemed to be nighttime on Cybertron though, it's probably just the lighting. Anyway, it seems like the 'Cons want to take over earth, again.
Here's something I haven't considered before: why? I mean, Megatron practically broke up the band at the end of Predacons Rising, no longer wanting to be an oppressor. So why are the Decepticons still criminals? Maybe they can't get enough of their destruction or something, and are carrying on their quest of conquest even though their leader since forever has left the cause. Are there Decepticons living on Cybertron, living peacefully-ish? If this cartoon is even a bit like the IDW comic series Robots In Disguise (which it probably isn't, because that series is creepy dark), then Decepticons at least must still live on Cybertron. There are probably angsty, fanfiction answers to these questions that I don't wanna know… Anyway, food for thought.

"Where's your squadron?"
"I'm afraid we're it."
It's possible that Fixit was on the prison ship as a mechanic or something when it crashed, and has been waiting for awhile for an assist. Perhaps he sent out a distress call. Which begs the question further: don't you think that anyone on Cybertron would've heard something about this?
I mentioned in my review of the Bumblebee's Mission clip that I could see Strongarm talking her way into going with Bumblebee, but I couldn't see Sideswipe doing that. I mentioned in my review of the RID sneak peek that Sideswipe was probably a stowaway (and by the way, we still don't know why Strongarm and 'Bee were pursuing Sides in the sneak peek). Anyway, three bots, a minicon, a Dinobot and two humans against an entire army of Decepticon convicts… Eh, the odds have been worse.
Of course, I'm not sure why Jazz and Drift (mentioned in a past post) are on the Autobot roster if they aren't even shown in the cartoon yet. We probably see them for a short time on Cybertron before our main characters go to earth. Which is too bad, because I was really looking forward to some awesomeness from them.

"Teach me, like Optimus taught you!"
"I'm not Optimus!"
I new it! 'Bee is totally gonna be angsting about his expectations! I mentioned in a past post that I could see Bumblebee being a little wound up about his expectations as a leader. Since he was mentored by Optimus Prime, one of the greatest leaders ever, others would naturally expect Bumblebee to follow in his footsteps.
Character development. Bumblebee won't only have to learn how to be a leader, but he'll need to learn how to be his own leader, not just Optimus Prime's student.

"Several of Cybertron's most wanted Decepticons are at large."
"How many is 'several'?"
"Oh, couple a hundred."
With their fancy dance capture devices, and hundreds of Decepticons out there, our motley has GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!
I'm not sure about the 'couple hundred' Decepticons… I mean, we won't be watching the bots capture every single one of them, right? Because 'hundreds' would be easy to lose track of. Also, I'm sure that certain captured 'Cons might just escape or be set free in certain episodes and everything will go to the Pit.

This is Steeljaw. Steeljaw is cool. Steeljaw really does look like a werewolf. You know, I could imagine Steeljaw often acting like a wolf while in his bipedal mode. Like, when the situation calls for it, he can pounce and run like a wolf. In fact, I can imagine his fighting style would mainly consist of animalistic behavior.

"I now wish I was a bigger bot…"
Insert Jurrasic Park T-Rex roar (not a joke; that effect was in the trailer, and will probably be in the actual cartoon). I've been considering something; why are Decepticons so slagging large? Granted, in Transformers Prime Knock Out was probably the smallest 'Con around, which was quite frankly hilarious, but generally Decepticons have a very large majority of big bots, and it seems like this 'toon is gonna be no exception. Of course, Autobots can still kick aft, no matter what their size (especially Arcee). Anyway, just a random thought.

Making assumptions due to the scene, I'm guessing that Hammerstrike was hiding out at a waterfront, and that's why he transforms into a submarine? That alt would be useful in getting away from the Autobots as it would be hard for them to follow a sub into deep sea. Ok, but that is still not useful to the rest of the 'Cons on land. Just saying. Oh, and Hammerstrike breaks Bumblebee's capture device, signaling that 'Bee is screwed forever. Nah, I'm sure Fixit will fix it right up. But unless he has backup, he probably won't have the best fight ever.

It's unclear how these capture devices work exactly. In the Bumblebee's Mission clip, Fixit says, "Just point or throw." Strongarm's capture device seems to fall more in the 'point' catagory, and we have yet to see Bumblebee's capture device in action. Sideswipe and Grimlock most likely have their own capture devices as well.

We've seen Sideswipe's Cybertronian alt-form in the sneak peek, and now we see his alt-form on earth. Obviously, it's a lot like his Cybertronian vehicle, just with wheels. And it it sweeeet!

Welp, that wraps up this analysis of the RID season one trailer. Sorry for all the rambling, by the way, people. It's sometimes hard for me to make a point. Anyway, 'til all are one.

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