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RID (2015) EPISODE SNEAK PEEKS! Masters of Destruction

See video here: Masters of Destruction
Officially introducing Bisk! Owner of the record! And yes, he really does look like a lobster.
Where the Bumblebee's Mission sneak peek seemed to be more plot orientated, filled with dialogue, the Masters of Destruction sneak peek largely focused on action. I loved it. The animation seemed better, less choppy, and it was very eye-catching. The colors weren't quite as glaring as the last episode sneak peek, and the shiny-ness wasn't so very prominent it seemed unnecessary. All in all, the clip was fun and action packed, with snarky remarks and all.

"Yes! Twelve bodies of water crossed in twelve nanocycles!"
So, where Grimlock was more Cyborg Khary Peyton, it took awhile for me to figure out what kind of Khary Peyton voice category Bisk fell into. Aqualad Khary Peyton is stern, strong and steady. Cyborg Khary Peyton is happy-go-lucky, badass and totally fun. Bisk didn't quite fall into either category. But thinking about Justice League Animated Series, I was able to figure it out…
Ten, from Justice League episode Wild Cards. Ten's voice was exactly like Cyborg's, just with a different personality to go along. And, uncannily, Ten is a lot like Bisk: arrogant, overconfident and headstrong. As a bad guy, I kind of like this mech already.

Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Grimlock and Strongarm come in to take on Bisk. Due to the fact that Strongarm seems to have her new altmode in this clip, it definitely dates after the events in the Bumblebee's Mission video.
I noticed something odd. When the 'Bots (and Grimlock) are coming in to take down Bisk, while all the Autobots are in their altmode, Grimlock is in bipedal mode. When they transform to fight, the 'Bots go into bipedal mode, Grimlock goes into dino mode.
I don't know, but I guess Grimlock moves faster in bipedal mode? I mean, he was able to keep up with three vehicular Cybertronians. But wouldn't it make more sense for him to move fast in dino mode, and be excellent at combat while in bipedal mode? It seems, though, if just this clip is anything to go by, the opposite is correct for this cartoon.

So, Bisk does have firepower. He spits it from his mouth. The whole look and design of Bisk's sonic beams (or whatever), and the fact that he spits it from his mouth, actually reminded me strongly of something, and it took me awhile to figure it out.
Starscream's sonic scream in Transformers: Animated. After Screamer loses his body at some point, all he has left is his head. While he and Megatron are arguing after a failed battle, he screams that it's all Megatron's fault, and the Allspark shard in his head upgrades something, giving him the unexpected power to spit sonic beams from his mouth.
This firepower of Bisk's may or may not be a reference to that, but I like to think that it is. It's fun that way.

Can I please just take a moment to enjoy how entertaining this 'oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot…!' moment of Sideswipe's was? I'm sorry, but it made me laugh. The whole thing was very comical, but not in a bad way. The animation was funny, as was the hero music coming to a halt as Grimlock landed heavily on Sideswipe. Yeah, I think this scene was fun. Moving on.

"Woohoo! Four more Autobot takedowns and I will own the record!"
I'm not sure if any of Bisk's 'records' are legitimate Cybertron-wide records, but that is highly, highly unlikely. Because if anyone 'owned the record' for the most Autobots taken down, it would probably be Megatron. No, I think Bisk's records are mainly comic relief, and he makes them up on the spot.
Though the use of the words 'Autobot takedowns' confuses me; does he mean Autobots taken down in a single battle, or does he mean him versus Autobot battles? If the first is true, then he actually only has two more Autobots to take down (if he counts the fact that Sideswipe got pancaked because of his takedown on Grimlock). If the latter is true… it just seems to make less sense. Unless he means the number of times he takes down an Autobot in a single battle; meaning that he could take down Grimlock again, and that'll add another Autobot takedown to the list. Or he is adding up every single Autobot he has ever taken down, and he only needs to take down four more in order to beat some random record.
You know what? I'm not gonna think too hard on this. I'll just let it lie for now.
By the way, Bisk's victory dance is awesome.

"Hate to ruin your day, Bisk, but that one you just threw is actually a Dinobot."
Bulkhead mentions Dinobots in episode Project Predacon in Transformers Prime. Throughout the Transformers continuities the Dinobots have been told to be a kind of separate breed of Autobot. They even have their Autobot insignias.
In here, however, the way Bumblebee corrects Bisk when the mech is celebrating taking down Grimlock, suggests that Dinobots might be a sort of separate breed of Cybertronians in general. I mean, sure, Grimlock isn't an Autobot, he's a Decepticon with amnesia, but still, the way 'Bee says 'Dinobot' to counter Bisk's celebration of 'Autobot' makes it sound like the Dinobots are separate from most Cybertronians. They aren't just Decepticons, they aren't just Autobots, they're Dinobots. They are something else.

Here is a frame of Bumblebee getting shot because reasons.

Sideswipe has a sword. Sideswipe has a sword! *serious fangirling* I don't why I flipped out when I saw that Sideswipe has a sword for his weapon. It's weird that he doesn't seem to have any firepower in his arsenal, at least none that we can see in this video, and I didn't peg Sideswipe as a sword guy. But now I think it totally works for him! Yeeeeaaahhh!
I don't know why I observed this, but Sideswipe's sword isn't a katana. I guess when I think of Transformers having swords I think of the Star Sabers or Wheeljack's katanas in Transformers Prime. But no, Sideswipe's sword is one of those old looking swords, like Sword of Wisdom go-on-that-quest-over-there-at-risk-of-your-life Indiana Jones search type sword. Like Excalibur. It's cool.

It was really cool hearing the sound effects in this clip, because of course they reused most of the sounds from Transformers Prime. Besides the obvious transforming noise, the sound of Sideswipe's sword hitting Bisk's claws remind me very strongly of the Star Sabers.

"Double defense mode! I am a master at this!"
I'm sure we've all seen those scenes in certain cartoons where the background as that going-by-the-landscape-at-super-lightspeed effect. We see that effect in the Transforming stock footage, and we often see it in certain fight sequences. The animators said, "I don't want to animated the same boring landscape in the background! How can we make this look cool? I know, let's make colors pass by really fast in the background! That'll catch the kids' attention!" To be fair, it does. The fast color effect draws your eyes to the fight scene more easily, at least for me it does, and you're least likely to be distracted by what's happening in the background.
Oh, and Bisk's huge claws seem to be useful for something. Blocking and clobbering. Other than that, I'm not sure how he picks stuff up…

It seems as though I was right about Grimlock seeming to be better in combat while in dino mode. The animation for Grimlock's dino mode is rather unusual, because he doesn't really move like you would expect a T-Rex to move. His entire body seems very flexible, and his small arms seem functional. Most of his limbs move in a way that would probably break in a regular T-Rex. Or even break in past incarnations of Grimlock. It's alright, and a pretty cool use of animation, but it irks me just a little bit. I would like to see Grimlock fight in bot mode. Please?

"I helped save the universe from Starscream, Megatron and Dark Energon. I refuse to become the laughingstock of some bug-eyed bot's gaming club."
Yeah! Transformers Prime references! Bumblebee's little speech here really made me smile, because Transformers Prime is awesome! I'm sure plenty of TFPrime fans will appreciate this reference, and hopefully people who are just coming into the Transformers universe through this cartoon will become curious and look up what on Cybertron 'Bee is talking about. And even if they don't, that's just their bad luck. Muhaha!

"Sideswipe! Cascade with Strongarm and me. Grimlock, splashdown maneuver. Go!"
Grimlock can put a finger to his ear while in dino mode. Seriously… Am I the only one just mildly irked about the inconsistency of Grimlock's movements? Ah, I could get over 'Bee looking like Smokescreen, and I can get over Grimlock.
I'm exaggerating my irritation, because the variating movements are actually kind of cool.
[EDIT] Exactly how far along the series is this clip? Grimlock seems to understand these Autobot maneuvers just fine.

Everyone has facemasks. Strongarm as a facemask. Sideswipe has a facemask. Bumblebee has a facemask. They all have facemasks! Facemasks all around! FACEMASKS!
I have nothing against facemasks, by the way. Facemasks are awesome. You can tell that crap is gonna hit the fan when the facemasks go up.

Handguns, which were a big thing in G1 and Beast Wars, are indeed back (as I observed while reviewing the sneak peek awhile back). In fact, I don't think built-in weapons (you know, the ones that come out of the arms and/or hands) were a big thing until the '07 movie first came out. All the bots had them in Prime, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. And I'm fine with that. If you lose your gun in the middle of a fight, the possibility of you getting screwed goes much higher.

I really enjoyed Sideswipe's fighting style. It's very ninjutsu-esq, quick, acrobatic and mildly unpredictable. In Transformers Prime, it was mainly Bumblebee, Arcee (especially Arcee) and Smokescreen who used this fighting style, all of them being on the Stealth Team. I'm not sure if 'Bee still has this fighting style in RID, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Even if he's not gonna be much of a hand-to-hand combatant (which he most probably will be), he can wield a mean handgun.

"You think I don't know how to beat this attack? It's just up up, left down, claw claw!"
Bisk's eyes were very distracting. In fact, it's kind of hard to remember that they're eyes at all. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting actual lobster-esq optics. This obviously lends certain advantages, like looking behind him, but… wow, that would be very disorientating for me.

Grimlock's voice was deeper in this clip for some reason. I mean, I guess we don't want to get his voice and Bisk's mixed up since they sound exactly the same, but make up your mind. Unless… unless Grimlock's voice simply becomes deeper whenever he's in dino mode! Yeah, that would make sense. By the way, has Grimlock been able to speak in dino mode in past incarnations? I'm pretty sure, but I can't remember…

"You are so under arrest."
So, this was a fun one. I'm kind of hoping for another sneak peek, but I don't really like spoilers. Oddly enough, the more I'm anticipating it, the less I want spoilers. Also, writing these posts are really tiring me out. Anyway… 'Til all are one!

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