Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oker and the Goblins

[a fantasy story I wrote for school. Do you remember those short fantasy stories where the protagonist wins over the antagonist with smarts, and you just feel like yelling IN YOUR FACE at the antagonist? Yeah, that's what I was aiming for]

In the West there lived a boy named Oker. He was by no means a very strong young man, but he was clever, and he longed for adventure. It was an adventure he found when trekking through the forests outside his family's fields.
Everyone in Oker's village knew not to go into the forest at night, due to the goblins, who were always eager for a bite of fresh human flesh, or a new hardworking servant. But Oker had been so distracted in his own thoughts, that night fell before he left the forests. He moved as fast as he could back towards his family's fields, but the goblins had already stirred in the forest, and soon Oker was caught in a net.
The goblins debated what to do with him. He was too thin to be a servant, they said, and there wasn't enough of him for all of them to eat.
"Let there be a Challenge, then!" announced the goblin leader. "We shall split into two parties, and partake in a Challenge. Whichever party succeeds in the challenge, they shall have the human for feasting."
Oker was initially frightened, as one would be if others were talking about eating you, but he realized that the goblins took this Challenge very seriously. No matter what the outcome, no matter how much they might not like said outcome, they had to accept it.
And so he proposed to the goblin leader, "Allow me to partake in a Challenge with you."
The goblins weren't used to the humans they caught talking to them. Usually the humans screamed. But though the goblin leader was startled, he was interested in what Oker had to say, and asked him to continue.
"I will propose a Challenge. If you win over me," said Oker. "Then do what you wish to me. If I win over you, however, I go free."
The goblins had a short council. The goblins thought the boy wanted to fight, and the goblin leader, though shorter, could see that Oker had poor physical strength. So just for his own amusement, the goblin leader decided to accept the Challenge.
After being freed from the net, Oker said, "I propose a Challenge of athleticism."
The goblins laughed, and the goblin leader said, "Aye, but let us get this over a done with swiftly. The others are hungering for human meat, as lean as it might be."
Oker used a stick to draw a line into the ground. Then he led the goblin leader far back, away from the line. "Whoever succeeds in jumping over the line," Oker said, "is the winner."
The goblin leader was a little disgruntled at not being able to fight, but he nodded. Goblins can jump very far, and he knew he would win. When Oker stepped back, the goblin leader took a mighty leap forward. He landed just in front of the line. While annoyed at not having been able to fully succeed, he knew for sure that the boy had no chance at all in succeeding.
Ignoring the jeers and the hungry slavering of the surrounding goblins, Oker walked forward calmly. He continued to walk forward. He kept walking forward. He walked right up to the line he had drawn. He jumped over it.
There was silence. "What is this?" the goblin leader demanded.
"I said whoever succeeds in jumping over the line is the winner," Oker replied. "I have jumped over the line."
The goblin leader sputtered. "But I leapt the farthest!"
"I never said how far you needed to be from the line," said Oker.
The goblins moaned, and their leader practically pounded the earth with his fists in rage, but they all knew that the boy was right. By all he had said, he had won the Challenge, and they let him go free. Oker went back to his house. His distraught mother demanded to know what had happened to him. No one believed him when he said he'd won a jumping Challenge against a goblin.

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