Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just Little Things

[a poem written at age fourteen; Cicada creative endeavor: Something Special]

Laughing so hard,
One can't be heard.
The calming feeling,
At the sound of a sparrow bird.

Two arched rainbows
Stretched across the skies.
Smiling at one's crush,
And their stunning eyes.

Talking to one's friends,
In a secret code.
Cuddling the childhood toy,
In a crushing hold.

Reading a mystery book,
Writhing with suspense.
Just standing with one's sister,
Leaning on the fence.

The sudden writing inspiration,
When relaxing deep in thought.
Throwing toys for the dog,
And scratching her ticklish spot.

Crying and laughing with a friend,
When watching a touching movie.
A satisfied stomach and a sigh,
When finishing a banana smoothie.

Just little things to you,
But they mean the world to me.
You have your small moments,
Look closely and you'll see...

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