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Happy 2015! Also, Robots in Disguise update

Hey-yo! Happy 2015, people and those of you who might not be people! (Stranger things have happened). My new years eve thing was kind of tiring, with a long Marvel movie marathon. I ended up going to bed after all the fireworks were finished, because I'm a wimp.
Before you ask if I have any new years resolutions, I do. Kinda. This year is gonna be a nervous one for me because in a couple months it will be "SWEET SIXTEEN! NOW GO DRIVE A CAR!" My siblings aren't very encouraging. But I'm sure I'll eventually get it all down like a boss…
Yeah, I found out I can post gifs on here, and now I'm only a little obsessed.
Anyway, speaking of cars, Transformers: Robots in Disguise will be coming out early this year on Cartoon Network.
According to the TFWiki, thirteen episodes have been released early (last year, late December, in fact), on a Chinese video streaming website, pay-to-view. All chinese dubbed, of course, but I'm still super jealous.

But anyway, more updates. The character of Russell, who we still don't know for sure who it is, will be voiced by Damien Wayne. Ha ha, sorry, child voice-actor, Stuart Allen. You know, that kid who gave voice to Batman's devil of a son in Son of Batman.
Due to obvious reasons, this makes me think that this kid right here is Russell. Moving on.

Hammerstrike apparently turns into a submarine. How will this be useful, you ask, as the setting will most likely be on land most of the time? I have no idea. Also, he will be voiced by David Kaye
Because this guy
...just can't get enough
...of being a transformer.

Underbite is more than just a huge Decepticon now. He's a huge triceratops Decepticon! Yeah! Also, he's the rival of Grimlock.

And speaking of Grimlock….
Grimlock was one of the criminals in stasis on the prison ship, who escaped from stasis once the ship crashed. This version of Grimlock is a former Decepticon with no memory of his past.

Woah, this certainly interests things up! I had a theory that Grimlock might've been in the 'Con's gang and he just swapped sides after the crash, or something of that sort. But an amnesiac… Huh. Maybe he lost his memory after the crash, and was picked up by the Autobots. He decided to tentatively trust them as he tries to sort out his memory circuits… But I guess we'll have to wait and see…

Some more Autobots have been added to the roster… Drift… and Jazz. I can't say how very happy I am about this!
Drift and Jazz are two Autobots who have always been favorites of mine and the fandom's. Though Drift is less known, Jazz is definitely a famous and favorite Autobot.
Which is why so many people were ticked off and very defiant when this happened. Anyway, I can't wait to see them!
We don't have any information on Jazz when it comes to his role in the upcoming cartoon, but we do have a bit on Drift.

Drift is a Samurai. He is equipped with two gauntlets that turn into Minicons.

Yay, minicons. Anyway, Drift has been a samurai like bot all throughout his existence. Most of the time, at least, I don't recall when he hasn't.
Another thing of Drift's is that he started out as a dark Decepticon known as Deadlock, until he instead became an Autobot. A rather new agey Autobot. In short, Drift is awesome.

I would explain Jazz, but he's just too chock-full of awesomeness for me to truly explain….

Bisk is now, apparently, Sideswipe's rival. We're really going for the arch nemesis thing here, aren't we? I mean, first with Underbite and Grimlock, now with Bisk and Sideswipe… I hope there's some form of story behind this. Though if and egomaniac like Bisk met a show-off like Sideswipe, I think rivalry will come inevitably. Moving on.

There are a few new Decepticons too. There is a guy named Thunderhoof. He is a Decepticon. He is a moose-themed Decepticon. There has never been anyone named Thunderhoof in the Transformers universe.
There is also a Decepticon named Fracture. And I actually have high hopes for this character.
There was a 'Con named Fracture in the G1 continuity, who was a Tremorcon, but he is of very, very little consequence. However...
In the Bay-verse continuity, Fracture was a Decepticon femme who was insanely loyal to Megatron. Heavy on the insane. I really hope that the Fracture in this Robots in Disguise cartoon is also a femme, with an equally wonky character. Hey, she could be rivals with Strongarm! xD

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