Friday, October 31, 2014

Robots In Disguise (2015) UPDATES!

Thanks to TFWiki, I can get reliable updates, and often hilarious ones (others wikis really need a sense of humor). Thus, I have more on Robots In Disguise. I'll start with Strongarm.

I've got a better picture of Strongarm now. And DANG is she awesome! Yeah, girls, not every femme has a petite frame! If you payed attention to the sneak peek, you can see that Strongarm is as large as Bumblebee. And while 'Bee is still pretty small for a mech, he's still a mech. Also, I'm hanging onto the possibility that 'Bee upgraded his frame.
We also have a base personality for Strongarm, according to the wiki. Yes, she is Elite Guard. Because lately we've needed Elite Guard everywhere. Anyway, this is typed directly from the wiki.

Elite Guard cadet Strongarm isn't one for subtlety. To her, everything breaks down to binary, Right vs. Wrong, no distinctions. Naturally, this makes her hard to work with at times, especially considering that her teammates include a hot-shot who breaks rules almost habitually (Sidewipe) and a convicted criminal (Grimlock), but she's dedicated to doing her job of recapturing the escaped prisoners on Earth to the best of her ability, so she's learning to suffer those two.
Of course, being assigned to work with Bumblebee, hero of the last great conflict with the Decepticons, gives her incentive to work even harder at her job.

We learn several things from this, of course. One, Strongarm reminds me of a few female characters (TV show characters), but Arcee isn't one of them. I'm glad. I like the idea of an Elite Guard who has to learn to sometimes bend the rules. I can see character development in the future.
Two, Bumblebee and Strongarm went to earth to recapture escaped prisoners. Of course, now I'm not sure what Prime was doing in the sneak peek, but alrighty dighty. Escaped prisoners. One of whom, apparently, is…

Grimlock. (This is a picture of Fall Of Cybertron Grimlock. As of yet, his RIB design hasn't been released). Grimlock is the Dinobot foretold to star in this cartoon. Grimlock is a very popular character. No duh. But I didn't know that he was a criminal. But then, I haven't read the Prime comics, so what do I know? Also, I thought that Sideswipe was a lieutenant of Optimus Prime's in Prime-verse in Fall Of Cybertron, and that apparently isn't the case in RID (2015), so the writers do bend the pasts of characters who already have pasts in the very same universe.

Grimlock was one of the criminals in stasis on the prison ship, who escaped from stasis once the ship crashed.

That's all it says on Grimlock's War For Cybertron page on the Robot's In Disguise panel on the wiki. By the way, Grimlock is to be voiced by Khary Peyton…

Fixit. Last I heard, Fixit was just a 'hyperactive minicon'. I can totally see that. Because he's small. Most small and/or young characters are pretty hyperactive. I sound sizist or something. Anyway, there is not wrong with being hyperactive. Trust me, my youngest sister is beyond hyperactive. By the way, just for verification, I know nothing about minicons, except that they live on both or one of Cybertron's moons.

Fixit is a hyperactive Mini-Con who oversaw a prison ship that crashed on Earth, so now he's advising Bumblebee on recapturing all of the Decepticons set loose. He has a verbal tic as a result of the crash, which causes him to occasionally finish off his sentences with a word that rhymes with the intended word, rather than the correct one.

Because lately every Transformers incarnation needs a verbally challenged character. I think that Fixit will probably be the comic-relief bot, and there is nothing wrong with that. Hey, he seems to be useful, advising Bumblebee on the capture of the escaped Decepticons. By the way, I'm not sure if this means Fixit told Bumblee that he had better go after the 'Cons, or if he's giving 'Bee advice on how to capture the 'Cons. It's probably the latter, because Bumblebee isn't an idiot; of COURSE he's gonna go after the 'Cons! I think I might like Fixit, but I'll just have to wait until next year to see.

Now for the 'Cons! So far we don't have much on Underbite, other than:
Underbite is a huge Decepticon.
He shouldn't be confused with past character Overbite.

But we do have quite a bit on a new character…
Bisk. Bisk, like Underbite, is an entirely new character in the Transformers universe. And he looks like a lobster. Just saying.

For Bisk, everything is a game. Racing, fighting… it's all about tallying up a score and then putting that score at the top of some list, then bragging about it. Loudly.

Sounds like a real egomaniac. I LOVE HIM ALREADY! He sounds a bit like Knock Out, to be honest, but I'm not complaining yet. He sounds like that boastful bastard that for some reason all the fangirls love. He apparently transforms into a muscle car, so that's something. By the way, he is also voiced by Khary Peyton…

We also have another new 'Con in this RID cartoon.
Steeljaw. (This is G1 Steeljaw, as his RID design has yet to be released). So far, all we know about RID Steeljaw is that:

Steeljaw is a Decepticon who looks like a werewolf. He transforms into a blue monster truck.

Wait, what? Decepticon? Yes. Decepticon. Despite the fact that our beloved Steeljaw has been known as an AUTOBOT casseticon, belonging to AUTOBOT Blaster, he has been remade into a Decepticon. A full on vehicular Cybertronian. I'm… not sure how to feel about this. I feel like I'm in Shattered Glass or something. I guess I could take this or leave this, as I don't really know much about Steeljaw. Now if, say, they made Jazz a Decepticon… Actually, that would be pretty cool and completely in tune with fanfiction.

Soooo… That's it so far. We have three other characters with absolutely no profile as of yet. Hammerstrike, a Decepticon, and Russel and Denny, most likely some human allies.
In the Transformers universe in general, Hammerstrike is an adventurous Maximal in the Beast Era, originally and better known as Cybershark. Of course, Maximals are the future Autobots. So, basically, another warped Autobot. Again, I'm not really complaining as I have nothing on Cybershark.

As for Russel and Denny, they are originals, pretty much. Unless you want to include obscure characters named Russel in shows such as Rescue Bots, or Denny O'Neil, the retired comic book writer and editor, the poor sap who was asked to design and create several characters in the Transformers comics but who's character names and concepts were rejected. At least he supposedly named Optimus Prime.
At least one of them, Denny or Russel, is that boy from the sneak peek.

Anyhoo, that's all for now. C'ya and happy Halloween!
[art by ForgottenHope547 on deviantart]