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Robots in Disguise sneak peak! Review!

It's happening, people! Our beloved Transformers is coming back in a relatively new incarnation next year, early 2015!
Robots In Disguise, a sequel to Transformers Prime, which features Bumblebee as the main character, who leads a ragtag team of Autobots to Earth. Why is yet to be explained.
Now, you can see the official sneak peak here. It is very cool, and I seriously can't wait. And so while I'm busy not waiting, I'll set my own personal opinions on the sneak peak.
But, first, I'll just say this. Awhile back I talked about my opinions on the upcoming sequel, and what I hoped would happen. At some point, I mentioned my iffy-ness at Bumblebee becoming a leader. Because, c'mon, he was the adorable kid appeal character. They aren't supposed to mature. Not too much anyway. But, as I dwell on this, and see the characters who are coming in, I realize I don't really mind. It will be nice to see Bumblebee develop as a character, which might be easier now that he has his voice restored. All I ask is, don't make Bumblebee a generic leader.
Give us a still sassy, brimming with enthusiasm Bumblebee. Don't make him a stick in the mud or whatever, and let us actually see his development as a leader. [EDIT] I recognize that Bumblebee is mature, but that doesn't mean he can't have fun. Seriously, speaking as the oldest of three younger siblings, it's not fun needing to act mature all the time. The responsible one, or the leader, or the oldest, is entitled to their own moments of fun and immaturity. Just watch Optimus Prime play basket ball in G1.
Ok, onto the review, or whatever you want to call it.

I just want to say, that when I saw this, my heart started beating. I think the art style is so frigging cool, and while I thought that the art style would be a combo between Prime and Animated, I actually think that this is something all on its own. I'm sure other Transformers fans might be able to mark down the art style, but me, I would just like to enjoy this new development in Transformers art.
Bumblebee seems to have upped his alt. mode, and it is seriously frigging cool. I can't decide if it's just a revamped Urbana 500, the alt he had in Prime, or if it's a Cybertronian alt. mode. I think it might be the latter. The blue and white truck is Strongarm, who I will be getting to later.

And by later, I mean right now. Of course, we now know the blue and white Autobot femme to be Elite Guard cadet Strongarm. While I'm a bit disappointed that Smokescreen won't be in this show (at least not as far as we know), it will be interesting to see this new femme character.
I don't know much about Strongarm in past incarnations, except… that in every single incarnation except for this one, Strongarm has appeared as a mech. Hopefully this new 'genderbent' Strongarm won't anger past Strongarm fans too much. What I hope, though, is that Strongarm won't just be a revamp of Arcee, all serious and brooding.
And while we're talking about Elite Guards and revamps, I would like to take a pause and talk about just one thing, the only thing, that has been bugging me since this sneak peak came out.
In a past post, I showed the new Bumblebee concept art, and commented that he looked like Smokescreen. I didn't think TOO much of it until the actual sneak peek came out. Now I can declare it officially; Bumblebee is a repaint of Smokescreen.
I am not even kidding. Seriously, watch the sneak peak. The way Bumblebee moves, the way he runs, his faceplates, his wide chestplates and shoulders… Even his fragging optics are like Smokey's!
While this seems trivial, for some reason this bugged me really bad. Like, c'mon, animators. You couldn't have come up with something new? Also, what happened to Bumblebee's old frame anyway? Did he upgrade it, or something? [EDIT] Those are some heavy duty eyebrows.
Ok, I'm done.

Anyway, if you look closely in above picture, we can see that Bumblebee is holding a hand (servo?) gun. It seems as though Transformers is going back to the G1 and Beast Wars days where almost everyone used servo weapons instead of built in weapons. Which again begs the question… What happened to Bumblebee's old body?
I don't think that will be too emphasized or a concern in the actual cartoon, especially since people like kids who thought Prime was too scary, or people who are only recently coming into the Transformers franchise via Robots In Disguise (2015), won't really understand or care. But details sometimes nag at me like that, and I think that some Prime fans are also wondering 'Did Bumblebee take in bot steroids or something?'

I found this to be especially interesting. In the sneak peak, it seems as though Bumblebee and Strongarm are pursuing a sleek, red car, who almost runs over Strongarm. Later in the sneak peak we can confirm that this red car is probably Sideswipe.
What did Sideswipe do that has Bumblebee and the Elite Guard on his tailpipe? Is it bad? Was he framed? Is it a case of mistaken identity? Just what happened in general? Just a few of many questions I can't wait to be officially answered.

Of course there's a memorial to Optimus Prime. There HAS to be! And it makes sense that Bumblebee would probably visit the memorial a lot, perhaps even talking to the statue. And apparently, there's a pool of water around the memorial, or at least it's suggested, as the above and below scenes seemed to be spliced together.
And apparently Optimus Prime's ghost, spirit or spark is still around, guiding Bumblebee, and pointing him to… somewhere. Where? Just another question.
The scenes may be unconnected, but by the way the video was edited, it seemed as though Optimus was pointing to this. For lack of a better pair of words, it's a golden disk. Is this yet another golden disk in a long series of golden disks that have begun since Transformers Beast Wars? And why is it that one part of the disk is lit? In Beast Wars, the first golden disk leads the Predacons to a large energon deposit (prehistoric earth). Does this golden disk lead somewhere as well? That is, assuming it is a golden disk.

Next, we have Bumblebee coming into this place. Now, again, I'm not sure if this scene and the following scene are connected. But if the scenes are connected, then it might be that Bumblebee has entered some kind of relic or record storage, judging by all the boxes around.
In said next scene, Bumblebee gets attacked by… drones? Vehicons? Eradicons? Who knows? And I've just realized, a majority of characters in this sneak peak have doorwings. What, is everyone Praxian or something?
Bumblebee seems to escape from above drones via groundbridge. Yep, they still have groundbridges!
Let's take a moment to admire this groundbridge. It looks as though it was painted, or something. C'mon, it's pretty. Ok, back to the review.

Then we meet this kid. We don't know much about him, but it's obvious he's gonna be the new human factor for the upcoming show. What's interesting is that he seems to be the only human featured in the sneak peak, except for a human who is jumping around the construction site scene.
The kid has a suitcase. Perhaps he's moving somewhere, or has moved somewhere? Who's the hip looking human who jumped down the crane? What's the sign on the outside of the constriction site? What's going on on the construction site? More questions, right?

Then we end up with this rather entertaining first meeting.
And we see Sideswipe in his bot mode for the first time. I wasn't too sure about his design at first, mainly just his helm really. But I don't really mind. I'm just really happy Sides is finally in a TV show after so long. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have Sunstreaker :( But who knows, we might use finally get our Terror Twins after so long. But… that's unlikely.
Anyway, it seems like, despite uncertain first meetings, Sideswipe has made a new friend. We still don't know who this kid is, though it would be funny if his name was Daniel. But, other than movie-verse's Sam Witwicky, we don't really have many reincarnations of human characters. Which begs the question… Where is Miko, Jack and Raf in this?
I know, humans aren't exactly the most interesting of characters (and the movies have totally confirmed that), but still… Some people might wonder what happened to them? Especially Bumblebee. I mean, c'mon, Raf was one of his best friends! (But then, no one seemed to give a scrap what happened to Sam in Age of Extinction. Not like anyone in the fandom really cared).

Transforming stock footage is back! I know some Transfans relate stock footage to Armada or something, but as I've never seen Armada, I relate stock footage to Animated. Some people think stock footage is a bad thing. Quite frankly, I don't really care. Stock footage was neither a good think or a bad thing for me. And to be honest, Animated Starscream did transform with an exceptional sense of style, also, stock footage gave me a fair idea of how they transformed. Of course, Animated was simpler in design, so we'll just see how far this stock footage goes. Also, the toy nazis should be quiet.

I don't think Sideswipe was invited on this trip. Perhaps he stowed away on Bumblebee and Strongarm's trip to earth, and is now trying to avoid them. Unless he ran for earth, and Bumblebee and Strongarm pursued him. I think the former is more likely, especially if Optimus pointed Bumblebee to earth. Or Optimus told Bumblebee where to find Sideswipe, but obviously knew that something more is going on on earth, and knew that Bumblebee would find it in his pursuit of Sides. Seriously, why is Bumblebee on earth? What's going on there?

The little orange guy is Fixit. Like Strongarm, I don't have scrap on past incarnations of Fixit. But from what we know so far, Fixit is a hyperactive mini-con, and we have yet to find out what part he has to play in this.

And then there's this big guy. People have debated as to whether it's the Dinobot that is said to appear as a character in the cartoon, or if it's Underbite, the Decepticon character of the series. I think it's been confirmed that this is, in fact Underbite, and I do believe that this is probably the first incarnation of this guy. Which means we have a whole new bad guy on our hands.

Well, that concludes my review. And while writing it for the past hour or so (not counting rests), I've only truly realized how very excited I am for this show to come out.
As we're waiting for Robots In Disguise to premier, we still have time to learn more and more as the date gets closer and closer. So, I hope you enjoyed my review, and that it also makes you eager for the upcoming cartoon.
So, till all are one, and I leave you with one of the best moments of Smokescreen.

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