Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Well, we just came back from watching this movie… And WOW!
I'm so tired right now, so I don't really want to start talking about this, but whatever. IT WAS AWESOME! SO much better than the last three! SO. MUCH. BETTER!
[Some SPOILERS up ahead]
There was a lot of unnessesary booms and explosions and fight scenes that, if cut down a bit, would've left the movie a lot shorter, and completely unaffected in plot. Also, the plot was kind of all over the place, so I wasn't sure what was going on until the end. And even at the end, they on purposely left one major plot line untied (Micheal Bay really wants us to watch the next movie). There was a lot of advertising, and I mean a LOT. Chevrolet is apparently gonna release a new car according to Bumblebee's new design (I liked his retro design towards the beginning of the movie a LOT better).
And they KILLED RATCHET! GAAHHH! First Jazz… Then Optimus (though he came back)… Then Ironhide… Now Ratchet… Four of the five Autobots who first landed on earth have died. 'Bee is DOOMED I tell you!
Also, they kind of left out a few things. We didn't really get to see any Decepticons, such as the ones who actually survived in the last movie. Galvatron and his nanobot brethren, though completely awesome (and irritatingly unidentifiable and completely destroy-able), don't count. Also, what happened to Autobots such as Sideswipe, Dino (Mirage), Jolt… Did Jolt die in the last movie? I don't know. It was really hard to tell who was who at almost any time.
The humans were kinda boring. Honestly, Cade Yaeger (Mark Wahlberg) could've been inside the movie as the only main human. If his daughter and her boyfriend had been completely removed, there wouldn't have been much change in the plot. The 'bad guy' humans were honestly the best, even if I feel like I want to rip them apart. I liked the character of Cade, and the talk he had with Optimus in one scene ('Look at the junk and see the treasure'). So much better than Sam Witwicky (a disgrace to the G1 character of Spike Witwicky). Which brings me to the question, what happened to Sam? Eh, he was really irritating anyway.
Ok, the more positive side. I LOVED the Autobots. So much. I remember seeing the Samurai bot come in, and my sister and I heard him do his spiritual Sensei talk, and we were both saying "Omigosh, it's DRIFT!!" His name was never actually mentioned in the movie, annoyingly enough. Honestly, the only characters you hear are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Hound (yes, HOUND).
But I looked it up, and…
We actually had some real personalities here. You know how we have a bunch of new Autobots, but they never really have any personality. We're lucky to even know their NAMES. (Skids and Mudflap do not count). But this time, we get three new Autobots, with actual conversational dialog, and PERSONALITIES.
We have an a lot more interesting Optimus Prime, who is now nursing an anger against the humans who are experimenting on the remains of his friends and teammates. He even goes on a rampage. We have more of a personality in Optimus as well, that I don't really want to start talking about right now (because I have no idea how to describe it). [EDIT] Albeit, Optimus' new bitterness against the humans has made him an imperfect character. But then, who really wants an always perfect character? A lot of people apparently.
There was this bright green corvette stingray, and I actually have no idea who he is, but he is seriously cool. A jerk about the human race (but then, who can blame him), but seriously awesome. We've all seen him with his green cape and parachutes and… WOW. I've heard some people say he's Slingshot, and others say he's Crosshairs. I don't know, but I say he's Slingshot. [EDIT] It's Crosshairs.
Hound was the only new Autobot who's name I actual heard. I don't really get what the deal is with his cigar (cy-gar?), but he's a really cool, gung-ho character, with a LOT of weapons, and thing for blowing stuff up. (Michael Bay wrote this character, didn't he?) He seems to be more compassionate about the humans, as Hound is known to be in past incarnations. Though, he blows up all their buildings… [EDIT] He seems to be more like Bulkhead from Transformers Prime, though (plus a bit of swearing), but Bulkhead was also pretty friendly towards humans. Actually, I honestly thought Hound was some Wrecker when I first saw him.
I loved Bumblebee in this one. Bumblebee is pretty much almost the only Autobot we know to have a personality, but I think we actually got some real personality here. I liked the scene where Bumblebee got fragged off at Drift for critisizing him (saying that 'Bee didn't have the attitude of a warrior), and he promptly got his skid plate kicked when he tried to fight him. We also got some very fanfiction-esq dialog from Optimus, when Cade was complaining about how his daughter never listened to him, and Optimus said that he'd had the same problems with Bumblebee. EAT, FANFICTION WRITERS! EAT! From what I can see in this movie, Bumblebee is rather impulsive, and very sensitive; as seen when he saw a knock-off of himself that the humans made, called Stinger. Which was declared something along the lines of 'Based off Autobot Bumblebee, but better.' Bumblebee promptly tore down the thing.
Speaking of Stinger and Bumblebee, I was totally hyped for a versus between the two of them when Galvatron took over all of the transformers the humans had created. And we did. I think that we actually could've had some awesome trash talking dialog between the two… Seriously, Michael Bay could've just cut down on all the meaningless explosions and focused on Stinger and 'Bee. In the end, 'Bee, of course, wins. (Radio: 'I hate cheap knock-offs.')
Now for the main bot bad guy… Lockdown. I almost screamed when I heard who he was, and he's a freaking BOUNTY HUNTER! I only know Lockdown from Transformers Animated, and that guy is totally awesome. Lockdown in here seems relatively the same as his TFA incarnation; unattached to factions, and only loyal when it benefits himself. We have some awesome fight scenes between him and Optimus, and some onimous dialog about how Optimus' "creators" want him back… And I'm guessing Lockdown doesn't mean sire and carrier.
[EDIT] DINOBOTS! HOLY CRAP DINOBOTS!! It is the thing I think almost all angry Transformers fans were looking forward to in this movie! And yes… We have them! Grimlock, Swoop (with two heads), Slag and… I think its Snarl, I'm not really sure.
[DOUBLE EDIT] Ok, the spinasauros I thought was Snarl is in fact Scorn (who Crosshairs nicknames Spike). Two headed Swoop is called Strafe, and Slag is called Slug. I can defend myself on the last one! I have heard that triceratops Dinobot get called both Slag and Slug in past incarnations!
Anyway, we have this awesome scene where Optimus sets them free from Lockdown's ship, and they aren't willing to ally with him. Optimus fights Grimlock, shouting something about wanting them to help him, and wanting to set them free. We have the Dinobots transforming, and… WOW. Such awesomeness!
Anyway, that's all I have to say for now before I start giving a summary i can't entirely remember. So, all I can really say in short, it's a much better movie than the last one, I love the Autobots, and while it could definitely use some (a lot of) work, it's pretty awesome.
I think I want to see TMNT in August… Don't worry, Michael Bay only produced it.