Friday, June 13, 2014

Transformers Prime sequel series! Rant!

Did you know that there's gonna be another addition to the wide Transformers franchise? Yes there is!
And I'm not talking about this…
No, I'm talking about another cartoon series! A sequel series…! To Transformers Prime!
Wait, why does Bumblebee look remarkably like a 2D animated Prime Smokescreen? I mean, I know he doesn't wear the mask anymore, but seriously…
Most 80s cartoons franchises have a reincarnation of the beloved 80s cartoon, that is actually loved almost as much as the original 1980s incarnation! Thundercats and it's 2011 reboot, TMNT and the 2003 series… (Neither of which I've ever watched by the way; I've only seen the 2012 incarnation of TMNT). For Transformers, it's probably safe to bet Transformers Prime is that one reincarnation. It's such a fun add on to the franchise, and the awesome animation and characters and plots certainly make it a lot of fun.
So apparently, the Hub (who also homed the Transformers Animated series) have officially announced a sequel series to Transformers Prime! Which will focus on recently promoted to warrior Bumblebee, who now needs to lead to Autobots in the wake of Optimus Prime being gone…
Well, that doesn't sound like you're borrowing from ongoing IDW comic series Robots in Disguise…
I'd been making in my head the perfect Transformers series, and I heard speculation of a sequel series to TFP. I was pretty excited, though confused as to how people would be able to pull that off without the ever present Optimus Prime. Or even Megatron! Though, of course, last time we saw Megatron, he went flying off in the Cybertron sky after the Autobots helped him escape Unicron's control, so he's not gone yet.
Then, I saw this…
I freaked out! This was the very first look into the possible design of the new series, and my first thought was, "OMIGOSH THEY'RE GONNA DO IT!" Then my second thought was, "Why 2D animation?"
But honestly, I can't really blame the creators. 3D animation is really hard if you want it done right, so taking a break and going for 2D is understandable. Though Beast Wars seemed to go on for awhile…
But what the heck, I can't really stay mad for long! I hear they're gonna combine 3D animation, and hand drawn 2D animation, so that'll be interesting. It sounds like Transformers Animated style meets Transformers Prime style.
I'll admit, my third thought was exactly what the plot was going to be about? Lots of people wrote fanfictions of Bumblebee taking command. Liable, though I honestly wondered exactly what Smokescreen would have been like if he had become leader, and my idea became something akin to IDW comic series More Than Meets The Eye, just made into a cartoon, and with no quest, and a less confident young leader.
Lots of people compare Smokescreen to Hot Rod of the comic and G1 series, who was an overconfident rookie who later became a Prime (Rodimus Prime). But reading ongoing IDW comic series More Than Meets The Eye, and getting to know Rodimus as he leads the 'Crusadercons' (I'm sticking to that name until I get more issues beyond #3) I actually find slightly distinct differences between the two.
Slightly distinct… Is that an oxymoron?
Anyway, I won't rant about that right now.
Instead, I heard the real version; the series will focus on Bumblebee, and him leading the Autobots.
I don't know why I feel so conflicting about this while enjoying reading about cocksure Rodimus and his leading of a motley crew. I guess I'm mainly afraid of what this will mean for Bumblebee and his personality. I really liked Bumblebee's personality. He was playful, extravagant, and yet retained a good deal of responsibility, while still doing very irresponsible things. He was the main kid of the group, until Smokescreen came along (I still love Smokescreen, by the way). And then, in the movie that ended Transformers Prime, Predacons Rising, after Bumblebee gets his voice back…
Don't get me wrong! Will Friedle does an awesome job on Bumblebee (even if he actually signed up to voice Bluestreak; OMIGOSH THEY NEED BLUESTREAK IN THE NEW SERIES). And Bumblebee's voice opened up something new about him, a confidence that, while we could see it before he regained his voice, sort of made something else of his personality. Also, he sassed Knock Out.
I don't really have anything bad to say about Bumblebee in the Prime movie, but he came off as really leader-ly and responsible, and while that was great, I'm not sure what that will to to 'Bee in the new series, now that he's the leader.
In case you don't know, there is a series known as Transformers Rescue Bots, which was made for the much younger kids, and made to run alongside the Transformers Prime series. TFP was a rather dark series, so RB was basically TFP down to its minimum.
This new series is supposed to be in between those two genres, being just dark enough for older people, and yet not too dark so as to scare the younger kids. Some people don't like this, but I don't really have anything bad to say about it.
Hey, TMNT 2012 is supposed to be a genre between the tongue in cheek humor of '87 TMNT and the dark grittiness of '03 TMNT, and I love it so much. (Admittedly, I haven't seen the two afore mentioned).
All this said, I'm really looking forward to what this new series has to offer.
We're gonna have most of our favorite Prime characters and voice actors back, including Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. So maybe we can expect some Optimus Prime and Megatron!
Me personally, I really want to see more of Smokescreen (go, Nolan North)!
We got to see quite a bit of him towards the end of Season 2, and actually mainly focused on him for a majority of it. But by season three, except for our rookie's whole thing with almost becoming Prime, and refusing to become so, and still needing to deal with being the kid on the team, we didn't really see much of him. Come to think of it, we didn't see much of Bumblebee either, until he got killed. We just had that one episode where 'Bee and Smoke went looking for that Predacon bone and had a whole bro conversation. Anyway, in the movie Predacons Rising, I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Smokescreen and his whole deal with finally revealing that he had almost been given the Matrix. But, maybe we'll get to see more of Smokey in this new series!
Also, don't forget Knock Out! We have to have more Knock Out!
I was amused by the fact that Knock Out was one of those few 'Cons who didn't die. Because he's just too sassy and awesome to die! Heck, he even joined the Autobots! This would be a very interesting concept in the new series. I was disappointed that we couldn't see how the 'Bots would react to having this guy on their team, but then, that would lessen the dramaticy of Optimus Prime's sacrifice.
And what about Airachnid?
Last time we saw her, she was stranded on one of Cybertron's moons, a zombiecon, drinking the energon out of her loyal Insecticons. Surely she's still 'alive', right? I was kind of annoyed that they never resolved this in TFP, but hopefully they will in the new series.
I know it's implied he died under the claws of the Predecons in a very highly suggestive nightmare-ish way. But Starscream was such an awesome character, and I can't hold out hope that he might still be alive. Seriously, this incarnation of Starscream was seriously the best in my opinion (don't get me wrong G1 and Animated are epic), and I seriously hope he's still alive. Mortally injured perhaps, but nothing new for our high heeled bot.
Remember the 'Con stuck in the Shadowzone?
Yeah, that guy. How's he doing, huh?
I would like to talk more about other characters; Shockwave (we actually haven't the foggiest idea what happened to him really), Wheeljack (we need more screen time with that guy, and he needs to be a gung-ho scientist), Arcee, Bulkhead… But I'm short on time, and I think you've got the gist of the whole thing.
So, the whole fandom waits with baited breath!
Oh, and Michael Bay, you better not mess this up…

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