Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have no idea where the heck I get my exclamations, whether they be of exasperation, shock, enthusiasm. And I've just realized that exasperation can be expressed in most forms of exclamation. Or even description, I use weird words to describe something… weird. And my forms of address… rather informal.
I've made a list. Yeah, I'm bored.

Rad! (Exclamation, always enthusiasm. Used it for a couple years, and my younger sister hates it)
Dude! (Exclamation, of exasperation, shock or enthusiasm. Also used as a form of address. Used it since I was seven, which earned weird looks from the guys, which just encouraged me to use it further)
Cripes… (Exclamation, usually of shock or exasperation. I haven't the foggiest idea where I picked this up)
Mondo-bizarro (Description of something weird or bizarre. Sometimes exclamation, don't ask me why. I think I picked this up a long while ago from Homeward Bound or something, and I didn't find out until this year it was an 80s thing. I crack myself up)
Holy [insert choice word here]! (Generally exclamation of shock. The word depends on the situation; watching Olivia in Fringe turn off lights with her mind, 'Holy X-Men!' I feel like inserting Batman at the end just to make it look as though I know my retro stuff)
Snap! Crud! Shoot! (All very standard exclamations of shock or exasperation, sometimes inserting 'holy' at the front)
Girlfriend/Galfriend (A form of address for girls of course, usually to those who are not in my direct family tree, or to friends, who I consider my sisters. Usually fake older sisters)
Bro/Brah (A form of address for guys, usually to those who are older than me and who I consider my big brothers, and sometimes just a random title for guys in general who I don't know)

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