Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Compliment Contemplation

[Am I always angsty when I write this stuff? No, I'm not]

I've had a theory… Almost as soon as you receive a compliment, you do something wrong soon after. I'm not kidding. Someone tells you that they are proud of you, or that you did good. It makes you feel happy, and confident. And, perhaps, a little overconfident. You try too hard to earn the rights to that feeling all over again. But guess what… It doesn't work. You either end up doing something wrong, or the compliment feels as fake as the effort.
  If you're human, you feel as though you've been knocked back to the place you've been before. If you're arrogant, you just get all the more cocky. If you're… something else, you accept this scolding or criticism, and continue on.
  But I'll tell you what… The best compliments come from you not even trying.
  You're in drama class, and the singing performance really took its toll for you. You're trying so hard to get it right, but you can't. As you're getting ready to leave, the feeling that you can never get it right is overwhelming. But as you're singing a random children's song a kid you've never spoken to before tells you, "You've got a good singing voice."
  Yeah, you're surprised. You're flattered. And, suddenly, you feel better.

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