Friday, May 2, 2014

Train of thought

You know how you start thinking about one thing, and the train moves on from there, sometimes derailing?
Gosh, that latest TMNT episode was hilarious, with all The Lord of the Rings references. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! How Lord of the Rings should've ended.

Man, those fries look good.

How Transformers Revenge of the Fallen should've ended. Why didn't they use Sam's Allspark shard to revive Optimus? Ugh, I hope that the upcoming movie will be good.


Wonder when it's coming out. For once the main guy doesn't seem annoying. Grimlock is gonna be in it! WHOO!

Is that a dandelion?

I remember watching Night at the Museum when I was little. Was it out in theaters around that time? I remember Narnia was, and we saw it for Rachel's birthday. What should I do for the talent show? I really should sign up before tomorrow. I wish I could sing.

Will I die if that manhole cover flips and hits me in the diaphragm?

A pizza cutter would make a good murder weapon.

Oh, it's the new month and I didn't realize! Are there any cool movies coming out this month? A new TMNT is coming out on August. Michael Bay, you are really moving through the old franchises are you? Better hope you won't have the TMNT fans out for your blood as well as Transfans. No movies this month from what I can remember.

I'm bored.

I have writers block! What should I wrrriiiiitttteee?? Hm, something angsty… Nah, I've had enough angsty, I'll go for humor. Raewyn keeps on texting me. She shouldn't have iMessage. Oh, well. Ugh, do I have to start flashing back on nightmares now? Needing to protect all my younger siblings while in the Hunger Games, now that one was--

Ooh, it's May.

Raewyn turned ten last month. That's kinda weird, not having anymore single digit siblings. Hey! Jude will be a teenager next year! Now THAT'S weird. Would I be able to deal with my siblings easier if I had an older brother? I sometimes wish I had an older brother. He'll probably eat all my chips.