Monday, April 28, 2014


Anticipating the situation doesn't get you to win. It's how you react to the situation.
~Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Men and Monsters, NCIS, Season 11

No plan survives contact with the enemy. It is how you react to the unexpected, that will determine if you and your brothers succeed.
~Splinter, Rise of the Turtles -Part 2, TMNT, Season 1

I'm in a really quote-y mood. I honestly really like these quotes, mostly because of the similarities. I remember watching Men and Monsters and thinking, "Gosh, I that sounds real familiar." Then I flashed on the second episode of TMNT 2012 (which I saw in America, thank you ReneĆ©). C'mon, you can't say they don't sound similar… And let's face it, Splinter and Gibbs are kind of alike ('12 Splinter at least). Though Gibbs might be just a BIT better with kids… Or not, I'm confusing myself now.

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