Monday, April 14, 2014

My Zombie Apocalypse Teamage!

NO! I am NOT going to be the leader! I'll be second-in-command or something, and I'm not sure how great I'll be at that. Probably bad.
Yes, those are Ninjago characters! I have been recently obsessed with it, actually in a way I don't even think Transformers or TMNT made me. :3 And yes, two Fringe characters are on here. I have become a fan, thanks to my parents, and we're watching the last season just now!
Be aware that no matter how demeaning some positions may be (Jay), I don't love any of the following characters any less (though I am not that fond of Bolivia).
Aaaaaand, this is a very big file. Oh, what the heck…

Leader: Captain America
Brawler: William Lennox (Transformers '07)
Weapons expert: Tony Stark
Brains: Peter Bishop (Fringe)
Tech expert: Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13)
Tactician: Zane (Ninjago)
Medic: Donatello
Speed fighter: Ziva David (NCIS)
Stealth fighter: Batman
Sniper: Bolivia (Fringe)
Coward who's somehow alive to the very end: Jay (Ninjago)
Mascot: Jethro the German Shepherd (NCIS)
Guy who dies first [not on the picture]: Some random guy in a red shirt…

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