Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random journal entry I wrote

We're back from Frasers Hill.
Yes, we were in a Fringe episode! Moohaha! (Flesh eating cicadas or something… Call the Bishops!)
Anyway, here's a random journal thing I wrote. I was planning to write something for each day, but I was distracted by A) watching kids, B) story writing, and C) photography moments…

We got up the mountain alright. I normally get car sickness, and also I go a little stir crazy when in the car for too long, but the music occupied me pretty well. We were a little delayed in arriving due to the fact that rain made some trees collapse over the road.
All the guys who were in cars who were stopped because of the barrier were getting out and trying to help clear it, since no mountain clearance guys were said to be coming down with chainsaws. That, of course meant my dad was going to help.
Raewyn and I really wanted to help clear it, but we weren't allowed cause we were GIRLS. No, I'm just kidding. We weren't allowed to help because our dad said not to. All the same, she and I helped clear some of the disconnected branches. We tried cutting off some branches with Rae's pocket knife, but it wasn't nearly sharp enough, and we only (sort of) succeed in hacking off one branch.
The men were actually doing pretty good for only having their own two hands and one pair of garden shears (total). Finally, a mountain clearance guy came down with a chainsaw, and another guy later came with a machete. Things were pretty well cleared off after that.
It was raining a little when we got to the bungalow, which we are going to be staying in with two other families. I played in the rain a little, until the Neblet family, who have four kids (two boys, seven-and-a-half and six, and two girls, four and one-and-a-half), arrived.
There are now eight kids here, counting the only two teenagers, Myrddin and I. So, yeah, while the adults have meetings, I gotta be the big sister and baby sitter to seven kids.
For the past ten minutes, I've mostly been keeping an eye on Pete Neblet, the six year old. While Raewyn (nine years old, my youngest, overenthusiastic sister), Zeke Neblet (the seven year old, rather controlling kid, one aspect of being the oldest kid in his family), Judah (eleven, my younger brother, who mostly goes with the flow, but gets highly frustrated when he doesn't do something right or can't get his way while playing), and Pete can do a lot of damage all together, Pete is probably in a class on his own.
He's basically Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes in real life, complete with the blond hair. Pete spent the first ten minutes trying to spy on people because he 'wanted to stay out of sight'. I tried keeping an eye on him, which actually wasn't hard even when he ran away whenever I looked away, since he still has to work on 'being silent' and also he wears a bright orange shirt. Pete talked about how he liked being alone sometimes, he liked doing pranks, he liked 'spying', he liked 'staying out of sight', and about the different ways one could stay out of sight (which included taking off one of your shoes and leaving false tracks in case you were being followed).
Pete is very independent, very stubborn, and rather bold. When my dad told him not to step out of the gate, because otherwise he would fall down the hill and 'crack his melon open', Pete replied with, "Prove that."
Pete's dad, Uncle Sandy, had to help out with some more serious words, telling Pete to come back into the bungalow. Pete finally did. I didn't hear much of what my dad was saying to Pete afterwards (something about responsibility I think), but I definitely remember what I heard.
Pete said something about '[his] brother' and my dad replied saying that Zeke was probably a good example. Suddenly, he turned to me and said, "Ask Nadi. She'll tell you how hard it is to be the responsible one."
Thanks, dad. Anyway, Pete was later ranting about how he was going to get back at Zeke for throwing water balloons at him. "I'll follow THAT example!" Pete is seriously never boring.
It's raining now, but I'm not allowed to go play in the rain. I know, that sounds immature, but rain tends to do that to you, actually. Anyway, mom says not to play in the rain cause I only brought a limited amount of clothes. (FINE…) Aaand, I have no idea where the kids are. I better go look for them.

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