Thursday, March 20, 2014

'Best Friend' contemplation

[to friendcist people]

I lived my whole life thus far thinking I didn't have a best friend. The only best friend I ever had was gone, and now, there was no one to confide with. Not like it matters as to whether you have a 'best friend'. You have friends, and that ought to be enough. Calling only one friend among all of your friends a best friend probably makes some people feel left out. But honestly, there is no better best friend than your sibling.
Some people seem to have rules about this. 'Do you have a best friend?' 'Does my sibling count?' 'No, they don't count!'
Well, take this into consideration; what is a best friend? Someone you can depend on. You can call them practically any name and they won't take it too personally. You can get angry with them, but be on perfectly good terms only minutes later. You can love several things together, or argue over something stupid you disagree on. You can tell them practically anything. They won't rat on you. You can do almost anything together. You comfort, tease and help each other.
Well guess what, friendcist, I looked through people I know, and my sibling fits all those qualities. And hey, there are the people who declare their best friend like a sibling, as if that would make much of a difference. In my opinion, your best friend is your sibling, or your sibling is your best friend. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. If I don't get married, I'm going to bunk in with my sibling. Be a couple of bachelors or whatever.
You don't always get siblings this close. Maybe it comes with being homeschooled. It's pretty intimate when you do have close siblings. One of the more intimate things in the world. You were there when they were born, or the other way around… Either way, you've been with each other for practically all your lives. You ought to be there when it ends.

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