Monday, February 3, 2014

Never Mind...

sort of promised this wouldn't happen. I think I lied. Anyway, click here for this quiz. And, of course, here are my results… Because I can't really just leave it at that, can I?

Just like you, Leonardo dreams of being the perfect hero: a brave, decisive, square-jawed leader of men, just like his idol, Captain Ryan, from his favorite TV show Space Heroes. Unfortunately, right now he's an inexperienced teen in charge of three rowdy brothers who love to poke fun at him. But in the end, the other Turtles know they can always count on Leo to hatch a plan that will lead them to victory. So stay focused and lead the pack! Your team is counting on you.

That's around when one thinks 'No pressure, right?' Anyway, I'm not sure if this signals the opening of the floodgates… It might, it might not, but my obsession is starting to bang on the inside of my chest or whatever, so this might just be a warning trickle right here...

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