Saturday, January 11, 2014


Eyes gleam
Footsteps creep
Shadows hide
Victim sleeps

Door opens
Alarm rings
Assassin draws
Weapons sings

This poem was made during a homeschool thing, where me and my siblings had to make an eight line poem, with only two words on each line, a noun first, then a verb. It didn't have to rhyme, and it didn't even have to be serious (Hawk made a funny poem about random super heroes), but somehow I managed to make this. I stared at the page for a long while, ninjas jumping around in my mind for awhile. Which is how this poem was inspired; because of my sort of recent obsession with ninjas, which I really want to get into….
[EDIT] I published this on Cicada magazine's The Slam. Click here to check it if you want.

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