Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm not going to...

Ok, so I sort of promised myself I wouldn't star spamming my blog again with my obsessions. Like, first it was NCIS (absolute obsession there, and still there), then I started talking loads about the Hardy Boys on several different levels…
And, thanks to America (and a crap ton of new books at Borders at The Curve mall), I've added to one of my obsessions… Anyway, Transformers is a still going obsession that I THINK I have managed to restrain myself from spamming this blog too much with… Sort of. Hey, at least I didn't start going on about Transformers Prime… If you'd ask me to do so, I'll pull you aside, find out if you like it, and talk to you about it to no end. Or have an endless debate with you as to why it's AWESOME! Same with NCIS.
Yeah, I've had a new obsession. If you've managed to guess it, whoopee! Top points to you! And that newest obsession is TMNT. The 2012 show (still moving up here, to 2014). Now, don't start jumping down my throat, and asking me if I know anything about the other TMNT shows, and saying if I don't, I'm not a real fan. That's just wrong, and unfair.
I'm still trying to restrain myself from opening the floodgates, but it's sorely tempting...

The Internet

"This is what the humans call the information super highway? A trillion gigabytes of data! None of it useful! Though some… oddly engrossing…"
~Starscream, New Recruit, Transformers Prime

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Eyes gleam
Footsteps creep
Shadows hide
Victim sleeps

Door opens
Alarm rings
Assassin draws
Weapons sings

This poem was made during a homeschool thing, where me and my siblings had to make an eight line poem, with only two words on each line, a noun first, then a verb. It didn't have to rhyme, and it didn't even have to be serious (Hawk made a funny poem about random super heroes), but somehow I managed to make this. I stared at the page for a long while, ninjas jumping around in my mind for awhile. Which is how this poem was inspired; because of my sort of recent obsession with ninjas, which I really want to get into….
[EDIT] I published this on Cicada magazine's The Slam. Click here to check it if you want.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Playing Citadel

Photos from America; Playing Citadel.
Happy new year, people!