Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We're home!

Yeah, we've been home for awhile, but I've been too lazy to post about it. Heck, I've been too lazy to write about our Saint Nicholas day… But I'll do that now. Actually, I'm still too lazy, so I'll just copy and paste what I sent to a friend… Give me a mo…
I got my brother a Predacon transformer called Hun-Gurrr, and my little sister a scrap load of beads. 1000, to be exact, I think. I got Hawk a motorcycle transformer, named Flamewar, a femme Decepticon, who seems to be repaint of Arcee, which is sort of irritating, but then, the Prowl action figure is just a repaint of the Smokescreen one, so… yeah.
hawk has Smoke -- this is my slight jealousy face -- and a Predacon called Twinstrike, and my bro has Prowl, and (just recently) a Predacon called Hun-Gurrr, and an Autobot called Trailbreaker or something like that (from Hawk for St. Nick's day). And also my bro has larger, movie transformers (Ratchet, Barricade and Devastator). Anyway, I'm getting a BIT off topic here, typical me.
I love my family. This is the stuff I received from them! :3
There is actually a really interesting story behind the gift on the lower left corner. It's sort of weird, but Hawk and I only bought each other our gifts at the last moment. Yesterday to be exact. We both knew that we wanted to get each other a Transformer, so we had to take turns. It took me a scrap load of time, and also 'discrete' asking of Hawk, but I finally chose her Flamewar for her. I bought it, and hung about while waiting for her. She kept on calling me back and asking stuff like, did you get me a Decepticon (yes) and if I had one already (no; only Bumblebee). When she did buy it, I begged her for a hint.
She simply said it was a Decepticon, and high matinance. Ok, so my first thought was Knock Out simply because I'm pretty sure he's said that before, and he would sound awesome doing it, but there were no Knock Out toys anyway (except for über expensive ones) and Hawk said there were none, otherwise she would have gotten one for me. She also said it wasn't Breakdown, which was my second guess (because Breakdown connects to Knock Out).

Me: Well, what do you mean by 'High matinance'?
Hawk: Um…
Me: Like, is it level two in transformation level? Like, will it be hard to transform?
Hawk: The mech himself is high matinance.
Me: Like… the character is?
Hawk: Yes.
Me: Like, in the his personality high matinance, or hard to take care of high matinance, or hard to put up with high matinance?
Hawk: All three at once, I think.

By then, I was mostly thinking Predaking.

Hawk: And his voice is one of the highest on our list of favorites.

Yes, we have a list of favorite voices, please don't make that sound creepy. Knock Out is at the top, because his voice is awesome smooth creepy British, and Starscream is a close second. Predaking's voice is also somewhere higher on the list. So then, I was stuck between Starscream and Predaking.
It drove me absolutely crazy for a good long while, until I unwrapped my present today (Hawk did her's from me at the same time) and we both had the same reaction: "I KNEW IT!"
Fun fun, crazy fun. Happy Saint Nick's day!
I've come up against an interesting phenomenon. It's totally easy to transform Starscream once you got the first hang of it, and I'm very stubborn in a way that says 'Chillax, I got this. I don't need to read the instructions'… I wrestled with him for a full thirty or so minutes (exaggeration) before finally following the instructions. And I found out while trying to fold up the instructions again that you need instructions to fold the instructions… They're in the trash now.

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