Saturday, November 2, 2013

Journal entry two; 1st November, American time (today)

Hawk just bought an Airachnid transformer with her birthday money… Now enthusiasm and not acting our age shall ensue… Oh wait, that already happened when our Transformers obsession started several months ago… And besides, acting our age went out the window as soon as possible…
Hawk while transforming her: "Put the gun in your hand, lady… I said hold the freaking gun! Gah! There! You're so lazy."

Hawk and and I up to see two bikes just our size sitting outside! Apparently, the next door neighbors allowed Opa (grandfather) to let us borrow them! Lately, Hawk, Lion and I have been sharing my old Optimus Prime bike, so, yeah… I automatically claimed the blue bike and Hawk claimed the purple.

(UPDATE) Our whole family got flu shots… My shoulder is irritating sore…

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