Saturday, November 2, 2013

Journal entry: 1st November, American time (today)

Saw a Chevy Camaro yesterday. It was silver with black racing stripes. I KNEW that they came in more than just yellow and black!

Lion was bought a small Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters Prowl transformer to replace his small green transformer knock-off truck (he called it Acid the Decepticon) which we found in prices after about a week of it missing. Now Hawk keeps on making random Prowl references (mostly Animated references, which don't exactly qualify, though that continuity Prowl is so badass).

Sometime last week, we were staying at a family's house for awhile. They have four kids (two girls, two boys), Lené, James, Brandt and Kaelyn, aging from eleven down to five.
I made a sort of mistake on the first night by starting a tickling spree on Lydia, Elli (five and three) Kaelyn and Dove. Lion, James and Brandt were already doing a war game of some sort upstairs, and Kaelyn warned them that I was 'the tickle monster'. Lené soon joined the fun. And thus came the permanent nickname.

(Left to right) Lion, Brandt, James, Lené and Dove

Soon, I was laying siege on the boys' room, which is where everyone was taking refuge. I managed to keep the kids occupied all night with this. But when they started defending themselves, I was mainly playing reconnaissance as they tried to 'capture' me. This soon raised the question as to who was chasing who, at least for me.
The next few days consisted of me being asked to play 'Tickle monster'. And the game involved a lot of bruises, at least for me. Brandt was overly enthusiastic with his foam sword. It's very hard to try and convince the kids that I'm not in the mood to play…
After being asked not to play inside by the grown ups, it was Lené and James' bright idea to play outside… With swords (aka sticks). Playing Tickle monster outside, I got the space behind a tree in the back yard, while the kids got the rest of the backyard, the garage and the front yard. The game? Basically, I'm the monster, and the kids are the demigods and I'm supposed to try and invade their territory. It's a battle strategy game pretty much. For the, at least, for me it's more a question on how long I can survive outside my base without getting killed. I get killed if I get 'stabbed' enough times. Or if I get stabbed in the chest, back, or ribcage. We played three or four games through three days at least, me getting killed about eight times per game.
All the kids love me though, and I can at least keep them occupied. On the last game we played, I lasted only ten minutes before falling against my tree at base in an attempt to get away. The result was bruised thighs, a scraped elbow, and my shirt getting covered in wax, which their dad had put on the tree to keep inchworms from climbing up it, which leads me to wonder if my button down shirt has bug guts on it as well. I went back inside and quit wearing my button down shirt, and sat down for a 'twenty minute rest', deadline being set by the kids. Luckily, my mom and the kids' mom managed to save me by saying I needed a vacation. So instead, we made a movie… Which I might talk about later, and post pictures… Directing kids eleven years old and younger is so stressful.

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