Monday, October 21, 2013

Journal entry; 20th October, American time (today)

We are in North Carolina!!

I have now taken to playing yellow car with my sister. Unfortunately, she decided to start shouting red car as well, for reasons only known to ourselves. And there are a whole lot more red cars than there are yellow, making it a bit more… painful. The result of playing yellow and red car is bruised shoulders, screaming, and hysterical laughter. And the occasional kick to the shin if she decides she wants to play while sitting across from me…

I have now lost my childhood pride and joy Optimus Prime bike (I totally had that dub coming when I was talking about my childhood bikes with my sister around, but that's another story) to my sister, who is turning thirteen tomorrow… Maybe I'll take back the present I got her at Malaysia and tell her the bike is her present… LOL, JK!

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