Friday, October 18, 2013

Journal entry; 16th October, American time


Got accused of shoplifting (lol)…
So, our whole family (meaning us and our grandmother) were at the mall, buying American stuff ('MURICA). Mom recently bought me these totally rad yellow sunglasses, which Myrddin found really funny, and Raewyn has now dubbed them the Bumblebee glasses; that's what you get with your new obsession. (Though I personally called them Sunstreakerglasses due to the fact that there were a pair of red ones right next to it; know your Transformers and you know what I'm talking about).
I was carrying them around in the soap and perfume shop mom was in. I put them down next to a bowl of hand sanitizer, and almost forgot about them. I nearly had a heart attack, and so decided to put them in my bag so I wouldn't lose them. I later exited the store, and sat down in a sitting area with my dad, grandmother, and siblings. Then, some American lady walked up to me and asked if I had been at the body shop store. I confirmed, and she informed me that she had just reported to the store that she had seen me put hand sanitizer in my bag. I was a little shocked, but decided she had seen me put my sunglasses in my bag. I tried to explain that, and even emptied out my bag when she was still skeptical (by now I was starting to get really upset), but she soon left, saying that it was no longer her problem. My grandmother got very angry and brought me and my dad back to the store to talk to the manager (and co-manager, who has an interesting haircut). By then, I was mildly insulted. The co-manager confirmed that a lady, a customer, had reported stealing. While it was appreciated, they couldn't just take the word of a customer. The managers apologized when we explained, stuff was cleared up, and everyone was happy. My grandmother really wanted to find that woman though…

Imma watching Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen for the first time. GO SIDESWIPE! ("Damn, I'm good.")

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