Friday, October 18, 2013

Journal entry; 15th October, American time

Stopped at a Loves gas station, saw some really awesome car models. There was a spectacular yellow car with black racing stripes (yes, I said spectacular). It looked EXACTLY like 'Bee's first alt-mode in the first movie, only minus the faded custom paint job (lol). I checked. A '69 Chevy Camaro… DUDE, I called it! I wanted the thing so badly… but no.
(As a side note, I always thought that the car in the movie was a '78 instead of a '69… Ah, only eleven years short).

All these trees are looking terrific! Yellow, red, orange… Beautiful… It's almost like a fire. A safe, cool fire. Stupid… Why am I talking like Shakespeare?

America is weird… The public bathrooms are a whole lot cleaner, with is awesome, and hearing all these American accents is odd. But they don't seem to get the concept of spicy. But they most definitely know how to make fantastic, real, bacon…

I haven't worn my jacket at all. Only short sleeves. (I'm stubborn that way).

Each of us kids gained twenty-five bucks from a friend (altogether, a hundred dollars). Which is terrific! Jude inevitably bought Legos (a three in one Lego creator; eagle, scorpion and the vampire beaver from hell). Rae bought a sweet bright orange R/C car (which I'm assuming is a Lamborghini since Myrddin said it was and she is practically an expert on all things Lamborghini). I was sort of tempted to do the same… As a side note, I've come up against an interesting phenomenon… Question, are all Chevy Camaros yellow with black racing stripes? Anyway, Myrddin bought a mini Smokescreen Transformers: Prime toy. Which is all well and good; in any other circumstance, I most probably would have done the same. But nope… Let me at the bookstores! WHOO! Go 'Murica!

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