Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My random 'Bot/'Con art

Because I am so boss!
(Strika pose lika boss!)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy birthday, Hawk!

A happy three plus ten to my sister!! She is now officially a teen! (October 21st, but I was too lazy to post then).
Got some (pretend) Lamborghinis from me!
Her: -laughing-
Her: "They aren't the same type."
Me: "I'm sorry! I tried!"
Her: "To bad they aren't Lamborghinis."
Well, gee, you're welcome, sis…
(The one on the far right is Smokescreen, a TFP former she bought herself… just an FYI).

And she got a shout out from the awesomeastic Amateur Sleuth blog!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Plane view

Journal entry; 20th October, American time (today)

We are in North Carolina!!

I have now taken to playing yellow car with my sister. Unfortunately, she decided to start shouting red car as well, for reasons only known to ourselves. And there are a whole lot more red cars than there are yellow, making it a bit more… painful. The result of playing yellow and red car is bruised shoulders, screaming, and hysterical laughter. And the occasional kick to the shin if she decides she wants to play while sitting across from me…

I have now lost my childhood pride and joy Optimus Prime bike (I totally had that dub coming when I was talking about my childhood bikes with my sister around, but that's another story) to my sister, who is turning thirteen tomorrow… Maybe I'll take back the present I got her at Malaysia and tell her the bike is her present… LOL, JK!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Journal entry; 16th October, American time


Got accused of shoplifting (lol)…
So, our whole family (meaning us and our grandmother) were at the mall, buying American stuff ('MURICA). Mom recently bought me these totally rad yellow sunglasses, which Myrddin found really funny, and Raewyn has now dubbed them the Bumblebee glasses; that's what you get with your new obsession. (Though I personally called them Sunstreakerglasses due to the fact that there were a pair of red ones right next to it; know your Transformers and you know what I'm talking about).
I was carrying them around in the soap and perfume shop mom was in. I put them down next to a bowl of hand sanitizer, and almost forgot about them. I nearly had a heart attack, and so decided to put them in my bag so I wouldn't lose them. I later exited the store, and sat down in a sitting area with my dad, grandmother, and siblings. Then, some American lady walked up to me and asked if I had been at the body shop store. I confirmed, and she informed me that she had just reported to the store that she had seen me put hand sanitizer in my bag. I was a little shocked, but decided she had seen me put my sunglasses in my bag. I tried to explain that, and even emptied out my bag when she was still skeptical (by now I was starting to get really upset), but she soon left, saying that it was no longer her problem. My grandmother got very angry and brought me and my dad back to the store to talk to the manager (and co-manager, who has an interesting haircut). By then, I was mildly insulted. The co-manager confirmed that a lady, a customer, had reported stealing. While it was appreciated, they couldn't just take the word of a customer. The managers apologized when we explained, stuff was cleared up, and everyone was happy. My grandmother really wanted to find that woman though…

Imma watching Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen for the first time. GO SIDESWIPE! ("Damn, I'm good.")

Journal entry; 15th October, American time

Stopped at a Loves gas station, saw some really awesome car models. There was a spectacular yellow car with black racing stripes (yes, I said spectacular). It looked EXACTLY like 'Bee's first alt-mode in the first movie, only minus the faded custom paint job (lol). I checked. A '69 Chevy Camaro… DUDE, I called it! I wanted the thing so badly… but no.
(As a side note, I always thought that the car in the movie was a '78 instead of a '69… Ah, only eleven years short).

All these trees are looking terrific! Yellow, red, orange… Beautiful… It's almost like a fire. A safe, cool fire. Stupid… Why am I talking like Shakespeare?

America is weird… The public bathrooms are a whole lot cleaner, with is awesome, and hearing all these American accents is odd. But they don't seem to get the concept of spicy. But they most definitely know how to make fantastic, real, bacon…

I haven't worn my jacket at all. Only short sleeves. (I'm stubborn that way).

Each of us kids gained twenty-five bucks from a friend (altogether, a hundred dollars). Which is terrific! Jude inevitably bought Legos (a three in one Lego creator; eagle, scorpion and the vampire beaver from hell). Rae bought a sweet bright orange R/C car (which I'm assuming is a Lamborghini since Myrddin said it was and she is practically an expert on all things Lamborghini). I was sort of tempted to do the same… As a side note, I've come up against an interesting phenomenon… Question, are all Chevy Camaros yellow with black racing stripes? Anyway, Myrddin bought a mini Smokescreen Transformers: Prime toy. Which is all well and good; in any other circumstance, I most probably would have done the same. But nope… Let me at the bookstores! WHOO! Go 'Murica!

Journal entry; 14th October, American time

Ate at In-N-Out Burger for lunch.

We had these huge muffins for breakfast;

Dove: These muffins are big…
Hawk: 'Murica! Everything here is larger than life!

Judah suddenly said that he saw a truck that looked like Optimus Prime. Myrddin also says she thinks she saw a blue truck with a flame job… I swear the universe is playing with me (saw three Jazz cars yesterday)…

Saw a white and blue (racing stripes) car model at a TA gas station, like Smokescreen from Transformers: Prime. There was also a yellow muscle car, which Myrddin is sure is a Lamborghini…

Saw a shooting star for the first time in my life! WHOO!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October!

Two big things happening this month! One, my sister is finally going to be a teenager. Two, she is finally going to be a teenager at Amrika! (No, not a typo, just a family joke).
For some reason, there is something weird about going to America... Maybe because it's been so frigging long since we were last there. I think I was eleven last... Well, look out America! A crazy teenager is coming your way!