Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Me doing quizzes… Oh, and happy September!

Yeah, I took about a dozen or so Which Transformer are you quizzes. Yeah, that's about as many as I'm willing to take before I'm satisfied. It's either persistence or boredom. Most probably both.
My statistics show -- like how I used the word 'statistics'? I've just realized that I like that word -- these bunches of numbers… Gosh, I'm so proud of myself; I was able to do a bit of math like a boss! Have I mentioned I hate math? Most probably I have, back to the point!

1/11 I didn't even know (The other options I didn't even either, except for Optimus Prime)
1/11 was a tie between two different characters
2/11 were Optimus Prime, with no explanation
7/11 were the same thing…

Oh, yeah… I'm good. Anyway, the seven out of eleven all had -- albeit, most of them vague -- explanations, but only one of them truly satisfied me. I was also satisfied with the second one listed; the one that said I was a cross between two different characters.

OH yeah! I love music; I love art. As for creative, it depends on which section of creativity you're talking about, because my ideas on most everything can get pretty crazy... Yeah, I'm probably one of the most optimistic people in my family. Inner peace? Like, zen and stuff? Ok... (I personally like Jazz; he's cool… Too bad he died in the first movie)...
Just because I'm the oldest in my family doesn't mean I have excellent leadership skills (unfortunately), at least not to my knowledge. Yeah, I actually do have a lot of friends, and I HATE excluding people. I'm able to accomplish anything? Ok then... Intelligent? Sure, why not? To tell you the truth, I actually am pretty sincere -- at least that's what people tell me -- and yes, betrayal is something no one should stoop to. People admire me? Good to know... (Prime, on the other hand... He's alright, but sort of boring)...

What can I say? Most of this describes me... (Darn it, don't take that the wrong way; I mean so modestly). I love Bumblebee, and I got him seven times in seven different quizzes... I'm pretty darn satisfied... (I have great car taste? Well, I admire the occasional car, but I'm not driving YET)...

Nadi, over and OUT!

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