Saturday, September 21, 2013

And F2F is ba-ack!

Dude, did I go into hiatus again? Well, it depends on how you define hiatus. For me, it's a week, or sometimes even three days. I think I like that word... Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus. Hey! That would make an awesome character name! Ok, ok, back on track...
So, my youth group is back up! (Both TRUE and F2F; Trust Respond Understand Encourage and Friend to Friend). Londi assigned us all to different teams (or groups, whatever). Hawk/Myrddin has just started coming to F2F, and I think she likes her group. According to Fran, her current group leader, they talked mainly of fanfics at one point.

Me: (having a hunch) What kind of fanfics?
Fran: Transformers.
Me: (hunch confirmed) Ugh! Myrddin brought you into that, didn't she!
Fran: (laughing) Yeah.
Me: (hunch double confirmed) Yeah, she's been ├╝ber obsessed with Transformers fanfiction. -not like I'm one to talk, by the way-

I love my group already! We went off topic -- or, bunny trailed -- a LOT, which was all fun! And we found out loads about each other (or, sort of). One way we tried to introduce each other was by saying our names and at least one interesting thing about us. My 'interesting thing' was that my most recent obsession is Transformers... Which is made clear by my topic of conversations afterward (and my latest posts).
I gotta go now! I'm just going to say really quick that my old posts REALLY show my very long (and still going) obsession with NCIS...

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