Saturday, September 21, 2013

And F2F is ba-ack!

Dude, did I go into hiatus again? Well, it depends on how you define hiatus. For me, it's a week, or sometimes even three days. I think I like that word... Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus. Hey! That would make an awesome character name! Ok, ok, back on track...
So, my youth group is back up! (Both TRUE and F2F; Trust Respond Understand Encourage and Friend to Friend). Londi assigned us all to different teams (or groups, whatever). Hawk/Myrddin has just started coming to F2F, and I think she likes her group. According to Fran, her current group leader, they talked mainly of fanfics at one point.

Me: (having a hunch) What kind of fanfics?
Fran: Transformers.
Me: (hunch confirmed) Ugh! Myrddin brought you into that, didn't she!
Fran: (laughing) Yeah.
Me: (hunch double confirmed) Yeah, she's been über obsessed with Transformers fanfiction. -not like I'm one to talk, by the way-

I love my group already! We went off topic -- or, bunny trailed -- a LOT, which was all fun! And we found out loads about each other (or, sort of). One way we tried to introduce each other was by saying our names and at least one interesting thing about us. My 'interesting thing' was that my most recent obsession is Transformers... Which is made clear by my topic of conversations afterward (and my latest posts).
I gotta go now! I'm just going to say really quick that my old posts REALLY show my very long (and still going) obsession with NCIS...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I wouldn't call it...

I wouldn't call it an obsession;
I'd call it a temporary lack of interest in everything else.

I wouldn't call it normal;
I'd call it just way too mainstream.

I wouldn't call it ignorance;
I'd call it a brief lack of knowledge.

(And right around here I ran out of ideas)...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Because awesomeness

And it says...

...that I'm awesome!

(On a random side note, this is a lot like the posts I used to post when I first made this blog... Or not, I can't decide)...
I think I'm going through a slight Transformers obsession phase.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bikes and Forts

It's been two years.
Or has it? It doesn't seem to have changed that much...
No... It's quieter. Not as many kids as last time.
No kids actually.

What about the playground? Still littered with toys...
Sandbox items; toy trucks; disowned bikes...
Kids just toss them there, for any other kid to pick up for free...

My best bike was a disowned bike.
Yellow and black wasn't it? Like a bumblebee...
Too bad about the tires, though.

There used to be a chair strapped near the top of that tree...
Don't ask. My fear of heights was already established, I think...
I have no memories of climbing it... Pity...

Of course it's not there... Shame, though...
Remember the first time it was ruined?
We didn't know the rocks were to keep the creek from flooding...
Not for forts.

This is it... The exact spot I met my first best friend.
He had his brothers with him.
For some reason, he threatened to have me arrested...
Don't smirk at me! We were only six!

My second best bike was stolen, remember?
It was blue with retro red stripes; my young pride and joy.
Dumb teenage delinquents...

I'M a teenager now! I don't feel like stealing a seven year old's bike!
At least they dumped it...

We're going already? Oh...
We aren't going to visit here again.
For another two years at least.
I hope my memory will still be clear then...

Friday, September 6, 2013

I think some people call it the tragedies of this generation

The tragic results of attempting to photograph your unstable rock collection... Now I'm suddenly realizing how much I depend on this piece of technology to write... THIS IS A PICTURE OF A MODERN WRITERESS' AGONY! (No, it doesn't work anymore)...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Me doing quizzes… Oh, and happy September!

Yeah, I took about a dozen or so Which Transformer are you quizzes. Yeah, that's about as many as I'm willing to take before I'm satisfied. It's either persistence or boredom. Most probably both.
My statistics show -- like how I used the word 'statistics'? I've just realized that I like that word -- these bunches of numbers… Gosh, I'm so proud of myself; I was able to do a bit of math like a boss! Have I mentioned I hate math? Most probably I have, back to the point!

1/11 I didn't even know (The other options I didn't even either, except for Optimus Prime)
1/11 was a tie between two different characters
2/11 were Optimus Prime, with no explanation
7/11 were the same thing…

Oh, yeah… I'm good. Anyway, the seven out of eleven all had -- albeit, most of them vague -- explanations, but only one of them truly satisfied me. I was also satisfied with the second one listed; the one that said I was a cross between two different characters.

OH yeah! I love music; I love art. As for creative, it depends on which section of creativity you're talking about, because my ideas on most everything can get pretty crazy... Yeah, I'm probably one of the most optimistic people in my family. Inner peace? Like, zen and stuff? Ok... (I personally like Jazz; he's cool… Too bad he died in the first movie)...
Just because I'm the oldest in my family doesn't mean I have excellent leadership skills (unfortunately), at least not to my knowledge. Yeah, I actually do have a lot of friends, and I HATE excluding people. I'm able to accomplish anything? Ok then... Intelligent? Sure, why not? To tell you the truth, I actually am pretty sincere -- at least that's what people tell me -- and yes, betrayal is something no one should stoop to. People admire me? Good to know... (Prime, on the other hand... He's alright, but sort of boring)...

What can I say? Most of this describes me... (Darn it, don't take that the wrong way; I mean so modestly). I love Bumblebee, and I got him seven times in seven different quizzes... I'm pretty darn satisfied... (I have great car taste? Well, I admire the occasional car, but I'm not driving YET)...

Nadi, over and OUT!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Spark

He didn't think it would happen to him. He'd made it this far, and he was sure he would make it farther. Bad things happened to people who thought it had happened… Or to people to whom it had happened too soon.
But he was there. It had happened to him. And it was something that was unavoidable.
There were downsides to this, and he knew that. He knew almost every downside. He was born thanks to some of those downsides… and it was tearing his life apart.
They thought they had loved each other. But they were young. And by the time he was born, it had been too late…
Now he was stuck in a dejected life… If one could call it a life. He often wanted to quit; tear this life away from him; try to start again. Or even give up on life completely. It seemed better. But something always stopped him… a little voice in the back of his head, whispering to him, Don't do it.
But why? he would think. There is nothing for me here. What have I to look forward to?
But he waited… And waited… And waited… Then, she came. His 'something to look forward to'.
Simply calling her a 'thing' was horrible.
She was a spark. Yes; a warm, living flame in a dark, lonely world.
And he found it happening to him. Something he blamed for his sorry excuse of a life. It was a wonderful feeling, actually. And she seemed to share it. One could just tell in her warm smile, the way her eyes softened, just for him. It made the feeling a bit different… Better.
But how did he know it was real? She was young. He was young. Bad things could happen. His life could become more of a hell than it already was.
And now he was sitting next to her, thinking through all this. Neither was saying anything to the other. The world was quiet except for usual night orchestra. Nothing was going to stop them. But still nothing was said. It is harder to talk to someone to whom you feel mutually towards than one might think. It depends on the feeling.
She was the first to speak. "What is your name?"
He was mildly horrified. How was he supposed to reply? Something curled inside him; he wanted to run away. Hide. Forget about this. But none of this he did… "Victor Nicholas Alexander Andrews."
He looked at her, a faint shadow of fear adding another line to his young face. A musical laugh made it disappear almost as soon as it had appeared. "I think I'll just call you Victor."
He smiled nervously. "You can call me anything you like."
She laughed again, and the final shadow of doubt was wiped clean from his mind. As he smiled, a true, genuine smile, slowly cleaning the final shows of fear, wear and despair from his face, he knew… He knew that it had happened to him.
And it was real.

This was my attempt at a romance story... I'm not big on romance, especially by the girl's point of view... But this is what happens when I try my hand at a short story... I'm actually fairly proud of myself.