Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just came back from the youth camping trip!

Back from a three day camping awesomeness! Since I'm really camp-lagged, and I've only just woken up from my real bed for the first time in two days, I'm not going to say everything that went on, only that it was tiring, awesome, sort of freaky at night, we played the Hunger Games (and two teenagers nearly made a reenactment in the adrenaline rush of the moment), and that I could totally make a Nancy Drew game with the place that we stayed at; a really awesome three story house, wide open yards, and epic places to hide in for hide-and-seek. To top it off, nobody got leeched, so it's all good…
Just arrived

No one wants to go to sleep yet…

Early morning start of the second day! (The boys' tents)

The girls' tents

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

~Myka Bering (Warehouse 13)

The world is such a scary place… Sometimes it feels like it's nothing but anger… and violence… and hurt. It can be terrifying when you're out there in it. But if you look for it, the world also has warmth… and love… and forgiveness. The world has joy in it. And when you find a place that allows you to experience that joy — when you find people that make you feel safe, and loved, and like you belong… you don't leave it. You fight for it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Just a random free write of mine to break the hiatus

"So who was that girl you rescued today?"
He was caught off guard by this question. "What? Oh, you know… just some girl."
"Ah…" Den looked down from his perch, smiling slyly. "But not just any girl, my young friend; the princess. Princess Anya."
Bastian didn't answer immediately. "Yes, I suppose so."
Den gave a mock groan. "Oh, Bast, where is your enthusiasm? The princess for goodness sakes! You, the thief boy, saved the princess, lower only under the king and queen! Possibly higher!
Den raised an eyebrow. "Well?"
"Well…" The boy thought about it a moment. "She isn't the prettiest," Bastian replied hesitantly.
But is she?
Sure, she wasn't exactly the average beauty. She was just… normal.
I like normal.
And besides, her face wasn't what captured Bastian's attention; her bright yellow eyes. "I like her eyes."
Up until now, Bastian hadn't realized he had been staring vacantly at the sky. And when he spoke that last thought aloud, Den let out a great shout of laughter.
"Ha! Well, bless my soul!" Den jumped from his perch, spreading his arms, grinning like a maniac. "I do believe our Bastian is in love!"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Me in a nutshell

This is a mini speech I made in JPS (Junior Public Speaking group; a generally homeschooled group where the homeschool kids learn about public speaking). I decided to post it here, just because. And it describes at least some of me…

Hey, my name is Bernadette, but most people call me Nadi, which I honestly prefer; it suits me better… Bernadette is too elegant for me… It's French for Pete's sake. (I'm sorry, France, I'm not trying to be racist).
I'm fourteen years old, and have been since May.
I'm from America, but I've been all over the world… Except for Antarctica… Anyway, I've lived here for practically half my life.
Are any of you obsessed with movies?
Ever since age nine, it's been my dream to get into the movie business; directing, producing, acting, I don't care, I just want to get in and make movies!
This obsession is one of many… I want to talk about all of them, but I'll just talk about one… For the moment at least. I love singing, and I don't know what I would do if I lost my voice.
My latest obsession is mystery and action. No, wait… It's actually a really old obsession. I grew up watching CSI instead of Spongebob. Don't worry, I'm not a psychopath or anything because of this!
I enjoy reading all mysteries from Sherlock Holmes to the Hardy boys. Lately, I've been trying to write mysteries… Heck, I even DREAM of mysteries.
I'm not someone who is easily spooked, and I'm willing to watch X-Files at night. Though preferably with a friend; I hate being alone…
The person I'm closest to is most probably my sister… We don't always see eye to eye (she's more of the fantasy type for one thing, while, like I said, I'm more into mysteries and action), but we are still pretty close…
If I were to describe myself, I would say… a really weird girl… I hate shopping… I hate dresses… I hate high heels. I'm more into jeans and T-shirts…
As a kid, I was rather adventurous… Or stubborn, whatever… Like the time I got stuck in a tree… I insisted on climbing it… And couldn't climb down.
This is probably the foundation for my strong fear of heights… That, and the time I fell off a swing, but that's another story…
Hmmm… I think I'll wrap this up, because I'm getting hungry…
See ya'll!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy birthday, little bro!

My now double ones brother and my sisters trying to figure out a puzzle my younger sister gave him.

My brother and my little sister playing with the samurai swords she gave him. ( 'Now you can be the Wolverine!' )

My brother checking out his new Lego set from our parents. (Two words: Lego. Junkie).

My brother holding a little statue of a German shepherd, from me. (He's christened it 'Jethro', after the German shepherd from NCIS episode: Dog Tags).


Thursday, August 1, 2013


I've come up with a lot of story ideas. And every time I do, I have to write down the characters, or else I'll forget them. Or, most of them. And considering that I have one hundred thirteen story idea characters (counting the story ideas I haven't even used, and the ones that have flopped), it's a good thing I did. Of course, I sometimes wonder where on earth I get these names. I like them, but still… Where the heck does my mind come up with these? (These characters that are following are not all my characters, only some of them).

Nova Cassidy: Is Nova a girl name? Or is it a boy name… Maybe it's a unisex name. I don't know, but this Nova is a boy. Why did his parents name him Nova…? I'm still working on that… I like the name Cassidy, though. I think I'll use that as a first name sometime…

Gabriel Ivan Joseph: This one was a bit forced, I think. I don't know where he is from, but I was trying to come up with a name that can make up the nickname 'G.I. Joe'. Is Joseph even considered a last name? I don't know, but I don't really care; it's my story and I can do what I want.

DC Con: I like the first name. I like the last name. But does anyone name their kid DC? I think I would, actually… And it's been brought to my attention that DC is not only this character's name, but his initials as well. Weeeiirrddd…

Anya Tesh: I like the name Anya. This is actually an old character, and her name was originally Amy, until I thought that 'Amy' didn't fit the style of story I was writing. But 'Tesh'? I don't know where that came from. But it's a last name, and last names are sometimes weird.

Kandi Marcus: Actually, my sister came up with this one. Which is weird, because she normally goes for practical names in her stories. But she's known me for a little more than twelve years, so she can get my style down. Except for the last name; 'Marcus' is one of the first last names that comes to her mind most of the time.

One McKale: Don't… Ask…

Akee: I was on purposely trying to find a weird name for this book. I haven't thought of a last name for her, but I actually kind of like the name 'Akee'. (Akee: a tropical tree that is cultivated for its fruit; Native to West Africa).

Maya Bea: This name came on a whim. I had to come up with some sort of name and 'Maya' was the first thing that came to mind. It also 'felt right' for the character. I sometimes torture myself trying to some up with the correct sounding name for a certain looking character (but sometimes I choose the name, and the name makes the character).

Jayne Greene: Yes, this is a guy. Yes, I on purposely chose the name. No, it's not a normal name.

Elias Skies: I think there is an interesting story on how this guy went through school with a name like his… I can't remember where I got the name 'Elias'. It just sounded right for the character. But it's the last name that really gets to me…

Joden Chase: It's so awesome when I make up names. But it's kind of hard when you're trying to find a full name for a shorter version. This character is called 'Joe', but I had to come up with a full name. I think 'Joden' actually sounds kind of cool, but the character doesn't think so.

Zoë Stone: Actually one of my 'normal' names.

Kitty Myra: I've always wanted to use the name Kitty. I actually like this character. I almost made her a stereotypical blond, but I managed to make her a badass 'cat burglar-ish' personality. (Hardy har har).

Eureka Lane: Man, I sometimes wish I was named Eureka. It's actually a very, very cool name.

Cali Sensei: The character was supposed to be from Japan, and so my idiot self made a horrible last name…

Julian Rike: This is one of the oldest characters in the book. I haven't used him for awhile, and I'm still trying to figure him out. I like the name Julian.

Maxus Blake Powell: So, this character has been around since the beginning of my writing escapade. He's gone through about a million last names (exaggeration; about five), as well as full first names. He's only ever started off as Max. There have been a lot of options for the full name, all of which I've tried out: Maxwell, Maximilian (there is another character of mine called Maximilian, but that's not important right now), even Maximus. I've settled comfortably on the name you see now. (The middle name was redundant, but I felt like I needed it for one story; Max is a character in a mini series I'm writing).

Bane Taske: I don't know how he got through school either.

Aliya Alem: Ok, so this is where things start getting weird… No, never mind, all the names have been weird. Anyway, since this character is from a whole different universe, it's perfectly acceptable that she has a name like this.

Silver Lila Tam: This name is originated from the name Silver Leaves (a name I made up when I was nine or something). In the story she is in now, it has been mentioned that several people wonder about why her parents named her Silver. (Her brother is actually Maximilian, who I mentioned a couple names ago; as one character thought in this story: 'Whoever their parents were, they had a weird sense in names').

Zyle, son of Fube: The people in this story have no last names. Just their name, and the name of their father. Same qualifies for the women; their first name, and the name of their father (not their mother; FATHER).

Augustus Tris: Originally, he was just called August, but I felt like I needed to elongate it. He's still called August, but it's just he never uses his full first name. (Who can blame him, though; it doesn't suit him).

Rex Basie: I've thought that the name 'Rex' is really cool. So when the opportunity came to use the name, I pounced on it. I think the last name sounds kind of cool too, but I don't know where it's from; again, I just chose a name that 'felt right'.

Lenny Vine: Yes, Lenny is a boy name. No, this character is not a boy. I've always thought Lenny sounded more like a girl name, so I decided to make a girl character named Lenny. Well, one of her brothers is named Kit, more generally known as a girl name. (Yes, I did that on purpose; Kit sounds like a boy name to me).