Friday, July 12, 2013

Who My Friends are to Me

You see the boy over there?
He's the oldest. The funniest.
The one who seems to know everything.
For some, the most annoying.
To me he is a big brother, an advice giver.

Oh, the girl there?
She's the Brit. The sensitive one.
The one who you can talk to.
For some, an advice giver on boys.
To me she is a relatable friend, who I can cry with.

The boy in the red shirt?
He's the smartest. The joke cracker.
The one with the funny laugh.
For some, possibly the nerd.
To me he is a very good friend, easy to talk to.

Can you spot the shorter girl?
She's the introvert. The fearless one.
The one who vocalizes her opinions.
For some, the one with attitude.
To me she is my opposite, my friend.

And me?
I'm the talker. The movie lover.
The one who laughs at everything.
For some, maybe the strange one.
To me...
Well, I like myself.
I hope you like you.
And I don't want to change.
Still... I wonder... Who am I to my friends?
I hope they like me...

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