Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Happened to Mohenjo-Daro

This is a theoretic fiction I wrote. (I don't even know if such a genre exists, but if it doesn't, yay for me: I created a new genre). My theory on how Mohenjo-Daro and the rest of the Citadel cities (historical note at the bottom of the story; courtesy of Cicada) were ended. I already found out, after I wrote this story three or two years ago, that the archeologists found no signs of sickness on the skeletons of the cities, so scratch out my theory. Even so, this is my story…
Oh, and Cicada published my story on their site. Go ahead and read it there if you want; I would appreciate it if you could critique it…

The sun is hot, the elephants lazy, and a ship is sailing, slowly, towards the city. It is a normal day in Mohenjo-daro, and a trading ship is coming with new goods.
A lad brings grain to his mother. But the next day, most of the grain is gone, with small, black, worm-tailed creatures resting in the grain. "Demons!" yell the mother. "Demons have eaten my grain!" She drives the creatures right out the door. Later, lots of people report that they themselves have found the worm-tailed demons in their grain.
"The gods must have sent them to punish us!" is the outcry. But for what?
A woman is grinding the grain into flour, mixing it with water, and baking it. She serves the bread to her guests to eat. But the next day, they report that they are very, very sick. But why? Because of the bread?
A man throws a whole sack of grain away. Other men of the city follow, in a desperate attempt to get rid of the demon sickness. But even after that, people are reporting sick! Some people just drop down dead on the street. Everyone is too afraid to touch them, for fear of getting the strange sickness.

A woman is offering a sacrifice to the gods and begs them to take the sickness away from their city. But even then, the sickness continues.
A man is holding a large weapon in his hands, his knuckles whitening as he grips it in anger. He starts beating at the statues of the gods. He is not the only one. Lots of people are angrily beating and breaking the statues. But even then, the sickness keeps going on and on.
"The gods must be very angry at this city!" declares a woman. "The last resort is to run!"
A mother is packing her jewelry in a sack, and food into another. She then grabs her son and runs out of the city. But she is not the only one. Other families are running.
Past the dead animals and people.
Out of the gates and to some other place.
Anywhere but here.
A young man is carving some letters on a stone. A whole, long story… of a place that used to be his home. And after the last letters, he throws down his tools, grabs his valuables, and runs.
Out of the city.
Away from the great roads and granaries and buildings.
Away from death.
Away from the great city of Mohenjo-daro.

NOTE: Mohenjo-daro was a settlement of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization (located in what is now the Sindh province of Pakistan). The city was built around 2600 BCE, but was abandoned around 1900 BCE for unknown reasons. Archaeologists are working to discover more about this site.

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